Scriv Won't Create New Projects

Since the 3.1.1. update a day or so ago, Scriv has stopped wanting to open/save new projects to my Desktop. It keeps telling me that the entire Desktop ( file path “C: User>Pirate>Desktop”) is a Scriv project, and that it cannot open/save another project to it. It doesn’t matter whether I have another Scriv project open or not.

It doesn’t seem to affect the way previously-created Scriv 3 projects behave, and doesn’t interfere with opening/backing-up/saving Scriv 1 projects.

Just the creation of brand new ones.

If you have one Scrivener project on your desktop, you can’t add a second. Scrivener won’t create new projects inside existing projects.
Remember that Scrivener projects are not files, but a folder with a large set of files.
When your Desktop is used as Project folder once, Scrivener warns you not to create a new Project inside an existing project folder.
The solution is to create a folder in your documents folder and move all your Scrivener project folders there. Make sure you move the entire .scrv folder with all its content.
From there you should be able to start new projects, creating new .scrv project folders.


Of course you can.

True, and Scrivener could believe the Desktop is a project, if it has a naked .scrivx in it, which should never happen but could after a user lost his mind and dragged it there.


a naked .scrivx, indeed.


I’ve had 8+ Scriv projects on my desktop for nearly a year and never had a problem until the most recent update. Not even the major Scriv 3 upgrade had a problem with it.

How would one check for and get rid of this? I had a compatibility problem the other day that caused something to freeze, and I wouldn’t put it past my laptop to have done something like this without ny knowing it

You know what I mean, right? A .scrivx that isn’t inside a .scriv?

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Check for a .scrivx on the desktop.

Ahhh, okay. One slipped by me. Sneaky lil bugger. It’s simply labelled “Desktop” and none of my other project folders are missing their .scrivx - safe to delete, d’you think?

Edit: moved it to the trash and now things work!!

Thank you SO much!!

One of your projects probably did lose a .scrivx, though.

I dunno which one. I checked all the scriv folders on my desktop and none of them are missing one. It’s labelled “Desktop”, too, which is not something I would name a project.

It’s only in the recycle bin, though, not permanently deleted, so if one comes up missing I’ll haul it back out and put it where it belongs

'puters can do sneaky stuff while we’re not paying attention.

Would it have to be a project on the Desktop?

It’s usually US doing stuff when we’re not paying attention.

We call those: User errors…

I was being generous :grin:

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I learned early on to first assume, when something goes wrong, I caused it. It’s still a good rule.


Scriv and/or my computer froze up the other day and I had to force quit. I’m thinking this stray “Desktop” .scrivx is my computer’s attempt to save some kind of backup. Since I was trying to create a brand new project at the time, I’m not worried about it - it should be empty.

My computer does not like Scriv on priciple anyway. (God forbid I try to have Scriv and the internet open at the same time. I cannot even tell you how many BSODs I’ve gotten.) Lately Scriv just…freezes.

Time for an ‘it just works’ Mac :computer: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wish!! The laptop of my dreams is $$$