Scriv1.1 - Linking to other documents[BUG LOGGED]

Sort of related to this issue:
But I’m having a slightly different problem with the links.

  1. I can create a link to another document in the draft and it works just fine (I typed in some text, selected it, chose the “Scrivener Link” option from the dropdown menu, and turned it into a link).
  2. When I click the link… nothing seems to happen.
  3. However, when I open the split-screen view… there is the document I was clicking the link to, hiding away in the other pane.
    –> This threw me a bit, because I would expect that the link would either (a) open in the editor I was viewing, thus navigating me away from the document I’m on; or (b) automatically open the split-screen view (i.e. the second editor) so that I can see the document in the other screen. The fact that it doesn’t led me to believe initially that the link function just wasn’t working.

I’m also having a problem that I created a link on a line of text, but there was no text after it. When I tried to carry on typing after the link… all that text was a link as well! I think this issue has been raised before though, but I can give more details if it hasn’t.

One other buglet with this:

  1. In the Edit>Options box, under the Navigation tab, the two options at the bottom (“Open clicked Scrivener Links in alternate editor” and “Open newly created Scrivener Links in alternate editor”) are both greyed out and I can’t click either box.
  2. By default, the first is un-checked but the second is checked.
    –> This is the opposite of what actually happens, because when I create a new link with the second editor opened… nothing happens. When I click on the link, the second editor switches to that document.

Specs: Windows XP, SP 3, Scriv 1.1 (updated with bugfix)
Intel atom processor, 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM