Scriv3: Compile to unwanted page size and other strange effects

Well said, Katherine.

Thanks to the explanations of drmajorbob and Katherine, I have succeeded in making a character style and applying it within my body text paragraph style and getting it to survive compile. I haven’t explored yet all the issues but I am interigued by a couple of effects which appear to me to be anomalous.

In my home made text-body paragraph style, if I use the format bar’s tools for bold and italics, they do not survive compile and this is quite consistent with what Bob, Katherine and the manual have explained. If I use the inbuilt ‘emphasis’ style and my home made ‘bold’ character style, both formattings survive compile and it seems that this is quite as it should be.

Where I find it a little strange is that when I apply ( still within my home made text body paragraph style) the inbuilt character style ‘emphasis’ - the text in Scrivener displays as italic and the italic button on the format bar ‘lights up’ just as if I had clicked it or used the shortcut. But when I apply my home made ‘bold’ character style, Scrivener does not display bold nor does the bold button on the format bar light up. If I want a wysiwyg presentation in Scrivener, I have to click the format button or use Ctrl+B in addition to applying my bold char style…

During the creation of my bold style, I was able to create a shortcut but the possibilities were limited to Alt+Shift+a number (and it has to be top row number and not right hand end number pad). This makes a poor shortcut and in any case, Ctrl+B is pretty well universally the ‘bold’ shortcut these days.

Is there anything I could do to put my home made ‘bold’ style on the same footing as the in-built ‘emphasis’ style and be able to use the Ctrl+B shortcut ?

The other effect that seems strange is that at least some of the inbuilt paragraph styles can accept some ad-hoc formatting from the format bar. For example, the Block Quote and the Centered Text paragraph styles both accept bold and italics from the format bar buttons and these effects survive the compile process. If they can do this, there would seem to be no reason, other than developers’ choice, to exclude home made paragraph styles from these benefits.

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