Scriv3: some doubts about the manual

In the Chapter 23 on Compiling the Draft, there are multiple references to “Click the • • • button in Formats footer bar.”.

It seems to me that the • • • button has been replaced by a gear wheel symbol in the Formats footer bar, if I was in the right place.

Thanks, I’ll bump the thread in which this was posed as a question some time ago. At one point all of the auxiliary buttons were gear shaped, then when the design was implemented almost all of these buttons were changed, but it was never explained if it was intentional that a few buttons should remain gear shaped. The manual has a simple replacement that converts the text “GearMenu” into formatted symbols universally. Previously it used the Unicode cog symbol, and now it inserts stylised filled dots (and a different symbol on the Mac that looks a bit like an alien head with three eyes). If it is indeed necessary to have two or three gear buttons then they will need to be treated specially.