Scriv3: various strange functioning in keyboard shortcuts

I have reached a stage in a current project where I need to do a lot of editing and this involves using keyboard shortcuts to navigate around documents. I found some shortcuts which didn’t work as I thought they would. Some that malfunctioned from time to time and others that clashed with some Windows10 system shortcuts (which I have never modified).

Navigate > Move Focus To > Header Bar Title works ok but the shortcut Win+Alt+T does not move the focus to the title in the editor header bar. It doesn’t appear to do anything.

Alt+{ works apparently all the time to make the other editor go backwards in history but its partner, Alt+}, only works occasionally and most often just types the } character at the cursor.

On my UK keyboard, I need the Shift key as well to get to { and } but that is the case on some other shortcuts too and they have always worked well.

Alt+Shift+4 and Alt+Shift+5 work for H1 and H2 respectively providing I use the number keys on the top row of the keyboard. If I use the number keys on the pad at the RH end of the keyboard, it switches me between EN UK, EN US and FR keyboards (has to be a Win10 system preset, I suppose). Curiously, it doesn’t matter which number I use from the pad at the right end, they all toggle the keyboard choice.

I don’t know why the EN US choice is there, but I did once borrow a FR keyboard (AZERTY) when I had a lot of stuff to do in that language.

Alt+Up and Alt+Down proved to be a couple of good reliable shortcuts to navigate up and down within documents provided I had the split editor enabled.