Scriv3, what version of Windows?

I’ve finally seen (yay for being late to the party!), and while it states what version of macOS will be required, I’m not seeing what version of windows will be required for it to run (maybe I’m just blind? I do that often). The screenshot looks like it’s probably windows 10, but I’m weird and I still run Win7 (it’s mostly a video game machine, and Win10 made Fallout 4 crash even more often, so I reverted to 7). I know it’s old so I’d understand if Scrivener can’t support it anymore.

What’s the lowest version of Windows that Scrivener 3 will require?

The Windows version of Scrivener 3 is not even released for beta yet, so I don’t believe the L&L has yet specified.

Good to know I didn’t just miss it somewhere.

As far as I know, when you’re programming, you know what you’re programming for (online, mac, iOS, etc) from the beginning. So as far as I know, someone should already know. But I’m not a developer. If it hasn’t been determined yet, continued Win7 support would be nice (assuming that’s even possible).

Are there programs that won’t run on Win7 that do on Win10?

One is led to understand that Windows Scrivener 3 is being re-programmed in Qt5 to overcome the limitations of Qt4 used when Scrivener for Windows was first developed. So the question really becomes can Qt5 applications run in Windows 7 or whatever. Over to those more knowledgeable than me.



Judging from the documentation, Qt5 supports Windows 7 and above. Though the visual styling is more in line with Microsoft’s Metro UI design from 8 and 10, I can’t imagine the Windows team would make it incompatible with 7 somehow!

Without guaranteeing anything, I would say if you’re on Windows 7 you are pretty safe. I know we are not going to be trying to achieve XP compatibility—but that much should be obvious. Whether Vista will make the cut is where I am less sure.