This is of course a pipe dream :slight_smile:

I’ve been pushing Scrivener well beyond its intended use, collaborating with my boss on a document over the course of several revisions. For the most part, sticking to a convention (snapshot, highlight what you change, explain changes or dictate TODOs using annotations, and change the status of all changed documents to Revised) works well.

Once in awhile, though, a painful merge takes place --usually after we have both put in a long night working independently. A document diff utility would be useful for such collaboration, though of course ‘well beyond scope’.

Now, on a more realistic footing, a crude .scriv diff utility could be built using a shell script if there is a good way to diff the RTF files. Does anyone know of such a utility?

It’s good to hear of Scrivener being used in different ways!

As you say, this is really beyond Scrivener’s scope right now. Version diffs are very hard to do, and will definitely a “pipe dream” for the time being. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of an RTF diff program, but one option (less than elegant, but doable) is to export both versions of your file to plain text - something that is very easy to run a standard diff on. The changes would have to be merged by hand into the master scrivener document, but at least you wouldn’t have to find them by hand!