Scrivener 1.0.2 crashes on close, and issues w/ htm files

Scrivener 1.0.2 (the purchased version) crashes upon closing. Not every time, but about 50% of the time, and not always the same project
It doesn’t seem to have corrupted any of my projects, but it still seems odd. (I’d uninstalled the previous beta before installing)

1.0.2 is also not recognizing images in htm files. I know that was a bug in the betas. Will there be a fix for that soon?
win xp service pack 3

A few other users have reported crashes on program close and Lee’s hopefully fixed this for the 1.0.3 update that will be out soon. Regarding the HTML import, you should find that there are a few options now for how to import webpages, so if you need images you’ll want to choose something like “Image” or “PDF Document”, which will keep your images. Unfortunately we’re working with limitations in how the files can be saved and imported, so these are the only options for now (other than using the “Dynamic” method, which doesn’t actually import the page into the project but just links back to the site, meaning you don’t have a copy in the project and will need an internet connection to view it).

You can set the default for URL import under the General tab of Tools > Options… This will be used automatically when you drag a page from the browser into the editor; if you choose File > Import > Web page, you’ll have a chance to choose something other than the default.