Scrivener 1.0.2 !?

I missed any mention of updates to 1.0.0 - should we not be seeing some kind of message; at least in the forum, that new versions are available?

It was only by popping in that I learned of 1.0.1; and now I see there is a 1.0.2!

Can Scrivener not check for an updated version each time it launches(or have I missed that setting in tools somewhere?)

I am signed up for newsletters, though I haven’t seen any …

Best thing is to go to Help > Check for updates when you first open Scrivener.

The newsletter only announces major releases; especially right now when these minor updates are coming out frequently (Scrivener hasn’t even been available for a full week and we’ve already put out two!), most users aren’t going to want to get a barrage of email about one or two small fixes. We’ll be adding an option to Scrivener to have the program automatically check for updates on launch, which should help.

That’s good to know - my concern was that the only way I knew there had been changes was to read some of the posts - the updates were not obvious. (Arguably we were better served, or would that be spoit, in Beta-land).

btw; I thought you had all been told to go on holiday !