Scrivener 1.0.3 update is now available


This update is available from the ‘Help -> Check for Updates…’ menu or as a full package download from, it contains the following fixes:

FIX - Offline activation is now enabled in this release if not internet connection is present.

FIX - we have added Beta version signature support in Scrivener:
VERSION_BETA = 1 - use ‘1…n’ to specify beta or ‘0’ for release.

FIX - “File Already Open” warning missing for PDFs - When trying to overwrite a PDF file that’s open in Adobe Reader there’s no warning when compiling to PDF for an overwrite operation. So although Scrivener says the compile is successful, the file is not actually overwritten.

FIX - Learn Spelling in Scrivenings causes Jump
When in a Scrivenings session, right-clicking a misspelled word and choosing “Learn Spelling” can cause the editor to jump to another section of the document. User video attached, and I’ve repeated this multiple times on my own set up. This only seems to happen in Scrivenings, not when just working in a single document.

FIX - Format bar won’t correctly apply font to mixed selection
If you select text with multiple fonts and then attempt to use the font selector from the format bar to convert all the text to the font of the last part of the selection, the selected font does not get applied. This is only an issue with the format bar; using Format > Font > Show Fonts and applying the font from there works correctly.

FIX - Dragging text to keywords deletes original text
If you make a selection in the editor and drag that to the keywords panel to create a new keyword, the keyword is created properly but the text is removed from the editor. This should be a “copy” rather than a “move” action, identical to dragging a selection from the editor to the notes or synopsis.

FIX - Changing editor zoom in Scrivenings messes up text redraw
Changing the zoom in the editor while a Scrivenings session is loaded gets some really goofed up text, with different zooms in different paragraphs (which will may switch when scrolling or clicking in a paragraph), lines getting drawn over top of each other, odd spacing between characters, etc. Resizing the window will cause changes as well after you’ve adjusted the zoom.

FIX - Bulleted ilst formatting lost on compile to PDF/print - When compiling to PDF or Print, bullets in lists are lost if the “override text and notes formatting” option is ticked; they should still be preserved, as when compiling to RTF. (In the case of RTF, whether this displays correctly depends on the program used to open the file; e.g. compiling a simple bullet list to RTF and opening in Word 2010 the list appears correctly but opening in OpenOffice Writer 3.3 the bullets aren’t preserved.)
It looks like the list structure is partly recognized in PDF/Print, because the list items don’t pick up the compile formatting indentation like the rest of the document; the list items come out with no indentation whereas the other paragraphs all get a first-line indent.

FIX - Crash closing Scrivener from of the update dialog if closed via the top right ‘X’.

FIX - Drag and drop in collections (in the binder) is still using the old style drag and drop with the single-pixel black line rather than the new style used in the standard binder.

FIX - Goto Next doc and previous doc in fullscreen by pressing Alt+Shift+Left and Alt+Shift+Right.

FIX - Partial ruler appears in Scrivenings containers - When containers use the Scrivenings view, a partial ruler can appear in the editor when the folder is selected or created, even though the ruler is set to be hidden.
1.Create a new project
2.Ensure the ruler is hidden
3.Select the Draft folder and choose Scrivenings view
4.Create a new folder in the binder
You should see the partial ruler in the editor.

FIX - Snapshots and synopses incorrectly merged. If doc B has snapshots, and is merged with doc A, only A’s snapshots will be saved. Likewise, only A’s synopsis will be saved. Merge should keep both.
Notes for each do get saved correctly, but they get merged with no separator–there should be an empty line between them.

FIX - Script mode: Enter for auto-suggestion scrolls document. When in script mode, if there is enough text in the editor that the top of the document is scrolled out of sight, hitting “Enter” to accept an auto-correction suggestion immediately jumps the editor to display the top of the document, although the insertion point remains where it should be on the new line.

FIX - Options disabled when text selected via Select All. When text is selected via Ctrl+A (or Edit > Select All), menu options that should be valid are disabled, or appear to be. the options are enabled if all the text is selected manually with the mouse or keyboard.
For example:
1.Type some text in a document
2.Use Ctrl-A to select all (or go to Edit > Select All)
3.Go to Edit > Copy – it’s greyed out
Using Ctrl-C to copy does work, however.
Another example, follow steps 1 and 2 above, then check the options in Format > Convert–these should be available when text is selected via Ctrl-A/Select All but currently only “Multiple Spaces to Space” is a valid option.

FIX - Line Spacing Dialog - If I change the units to centimeters the ruler adjusts accordingly, but not the indentation units in the Line Spacing dialog. It still says “0.00 inch(es)”.

FIX - Problem with long document high zoom with scrivenings. Due to the way zoom is handled, there is an issue with using high zoom (200% + ) with long documents in edit scrivenings. Longer documents will show issues with smaller zooms.

FIX - Added question message dialog to Project Replace to ask user if they wish to proceed as the action can not be undone.

FIX - Attempting to open a project (often Mac-based, but not in all cases) in Windows, the project does not open and the .scrivx is wiped to 0 bytes.

FIX - The dialogue in Edit > Link says to “Type, paste or drag and drop a link destination”, but only links dragged from a browser’s address bar will drop here; drag and drop should be available for any files.

FIX - If a column in the outliner is too narrow to display the full title, the text should be truncated from the end of the word only, leaving the initial letter of the title always visible. This is handled correctly with Title, Synopsis, Label, Status, Created Date, and Modified Date; all the others can lose visibility from either side of the title so you’re left viewing letters somewhere in the middle, which is not helpful and also looks messier.

FIX - If you choose to compile to Preview, the preview that opens allows the user to type into it. It should not.

FIX - Imported text files will only export (File > Export) as .rtf, no matter what format you choose (e.g. you can’t export as .pdf) – items natively created in Scrivener export fine in the chosen format.

FIX - Drag and Drop in Collections- It’s necessary to select a file with one full click and then click again to drag and move it, whereas in the binder you can select and drag all in one step. Trying this in Collections just causes the drag to act as an extended selection. Since this is a big behavioral difference between Collections and the standard binder, it’d be good if this could be adjusted so they work the same (i.e. Collections should work as the binder does).

FIX - Collection titles in the tabs should not all be faded out to grey. Only the titles below the currently selected tab should be greyed out.

FIX - There should be a rollover effect when you roll the mouse over collections below the selected tab. Seeing as all tabs below the selected tab take on the colour of the selected tab, rolling over them should show what they would look like where they were to be selected - that is, as long as the mouse is over a tab below the selected one, its title should regain full opacity and the background of that tab should regain its normal colour. Moving the mouse out of the tab returns it to being faded out and taking on the colour of the selected tab.


27th Nov 2011

So I tried installing the update (via check for updates) and while installing, it showed me an error message and then shut down. I haven’t been able to open Scrivener since. The error message said that it had saved a report somewhere and that I should include it in any bug reports I did, but being the freaking genius I am, I closed the text box before writing it down.

I know this is stupid and actually really vague, but what do I do now? Is there any place where I can find the bug report so I can send it to you?

It sounds like the updater might have trampled on the program. What I’d do is download a full copy off of the main website and then try installing that. You could try uninstalling first if it will let you, but that shouldn’t be necessary. That will get you up to 1.0.3 as well.