Scrivener 1.0 for Windows Now Available

Hi all,

The wait is over! Scrivener 1.0 for Windows is now available for download and purchase. Please see the product page here: … atform=win

Thanks to everyone for showing such an interest in Scrivener for Windows over the past few years, and an especially big thanks to all the beta testers who have helped us improve Scrivener for Windows.

1.0 is just the beginning - there are plenty of free 1.x updates in the works for the next few months. We hope you like it; and we really hope that Scrivener proves to be the writing tool of choice for you, and that we’ll see you around the forums.

It probably sounds a little self-indulgent to thank the team here, but I have to: thanks to Lee, Ian, Jennifer and Ioa for working their backsides off to get the code done, the templates sorted, and the website and manual together. (And thanks to David and Julia too, for all the other stuff!)

All the best,

P.S. Bestselling author David Hewson (who is currently working on novelisations of the Danish crime drama The Killing) has updated his popular ebook, “Writing a Novel with Scrivener”, to cover the Windows version too. More information can be found here: … w-out.html

I have to say, I’m really impressed with how far the Windows version has come since the first beta a year ago. Congratulations to Lee and his team, they did an excellent job.

Congratulations on getting version 1.0 out in time for Christmas. All right, I admit it, the doubts were creeping in. But as promised I bought it today and it feels great to have the full product in my grubby little hands at last, and at a price that is almost laughable compared to the big boys products. (They know who they are). I have used the program daily since downloading for the first time last February and I know, for me anyway, there will be no going back to anything else. Great work gang and all power to you for the future.

Good Luck with Sciverner f’ Windows :slight_smile:

YES, A GOOD PRODUCT. Thanks for showing and helping starting writers for this great tool.
And Good luck.

I :heart: Scrivener.

Now that we’re at 1.0 again, Vic-K, that tutorial for the tutorial of the tutorial might be more plausible. 8)

You’re evil and taunting! Laying plausibility traps for the ‘Hopeful anticipationists’ onboard Scriv. I’ll probably need to learn Australian to make sense of it. It’ll be written in some obscure Abbo dialect/patois.

I ain’t holding my breath!

That could set up an infinite procrastination loop nicely.

Bought 1.0 as soon as it was available. After becoming dependent upon the beta with a few months use. How often do we use a beta that we look forward to paying for! Great work, folks.

Imagine my surprise when I open Scrivener (I use the beta quite often) and saw the software has gone live. Yay! This is fantastic. I’m so happy for you guys. You have developed a wonderful tool. I love Scrivener. Congratulations.

This is such amazing news to me. I was using Scrivener before on my Mac, but when it died I had to switch to PC. The only software that I really missed was Scrivener, and now I’ve just found out that there is a Windows version! Much love to you guys for making this, will purchase immediately when the trial expires :stuck_out_tongue: