Scrivener 1.0 now available for purchase

Hello all,

Well, at long last, Scrivener 1.0 is now available for purchase. To download or buy 1.0, go to the product web page at:

(Note that the auto-update from beta 6 won’t work because I accidentally gave beta 6 the version number “1.0”, so you will have to download the DMG.)

There is a 30-day trial version. Once the trial has expired, you get one grace session at any time after the trial to export your work, and after that you have to buy a licence. A licence costs $34.99. So I guess I am now officially a capitalist pig.

A massive thank you to all beta-testers for all of your support over the past couple of years in helping to get Scrivener to this stage.


All the best,

List of changes between beta 6 and 1.0:

  • Increased width of date in inspector.
  • Fixed bug whereby number of index cards did not display in corkboard footer when there was an arbitrary selection created by selecting multiple binder items.
  • Fixed bug whereby app would crash if you amended project notes and then closed the panel before auto-save kicked in.
  • Fixed bug whereby program could crash when trying to open a read-only project by double-clicking in Finder.
  • Made some refinements to how arbitrary corkboard (multiple binder selection) is handled when swapping splits etc.
  • Project Notepad now takes on background colour set for inspector notes in Preferences.
  • Added “Action” element to U.S. Stageplay format (the same as Stage Directions, except that it has a blank line before it and does not add brackets automaticaly).

Look forward to 1.0!!!

Already downloaded, purchased and registered. Worked perfectly.

Congratulations. Now I hope that you will be equally succesful with your Novel.



Congratulations! It was fun to watch it grow, now it’s here. :slight_smile:

I’ll be using Scrivener for my own capitalist activities. Does that make you feel better? Guess not. :wink:

Dear Capitalist Pig :wink: ,

This is great news! As soon As soon as I finish this post, I’ll be downloading it and arranging for payment.

Congratulations Keith. Well done!!!


PS Done and Done. Everything worked fine. Nice touch to allow for notepad bg coloring.

Purchased. Great community, great application, great developer.

Hopes his writing skills aren’t reflected in the above… :wink:

Now where’s my wallet…:slight_smile:

It may be the first time I am that happy to purchase a software :wink:

Congratulations for the official release!

Congratulations, Keith! I’m delighted to be a paid-up scrivener (scrivenite? scriventhusiast?)

Good luck with your book,


Congratulations KEITH… on an amazing job, so well done. Having had the benefit of Scrivener for my work for more than a year now, I am inclined to buy two licences as a way of thanking you for the terrific support you have given us all during product development. And I encourage others to do the same.

It will be fun to see how the wider community responds to this excellent application. You have certainly set the bar high for your competitiors.

All the best,

Just purchased it. Congratulations!

With all the buzz Scrivener has generated on blogs and internet forums without any marketing effort from your side, it’s destined to become an international bestseller, and if there was a Booker prize for software, I’m sure it would be on the shortlist.

I still have a copy of 0.1.2b lying around somewhere. If it becomes a collector’s item, I’ll sell it on eBay as “SCRIVENER EARLY EDITION!!!11 (Binder somewhat edge-worn, otherwise well-preserved)”.

By the way, it would be nice if there was a “This copy is registered to …” line in the About screen.

Congratulations, Keith! One more year and you’ll be rich and famous!

I’m happy to have just purchased my very own copy!

And, Keith, I trust you’ll be getting this out to sites like MacUpdate, Version Tracker, et al?

EDIT: I see that v.1.0 is already on MacUpdate; no results when I searched in VersionTracker though.

Also, Congratulations Keith!

Thank you to everyone for your support - I am actually stunned that I’ve had so many sales in the first couple of hours. Thank you!

brewbat: MacUpdate add software automatically, wherease with VersionTracker you have to register. Today I have registered with both, so that I can add Scrivener to VT and update the text on MU. I’ve also submitted it to the Made4Mac section of the Apple website, so hopefully it will appear there in a week or so, too.

Oh, and thank you to all those who have given Scrivener rave reviews on MacUpdate!

All the best,


I had no problems with this incidentally. I clicked update and it seems to have worked before I read your message…

Anyhow, so far it looks great!



Now you really have to write. No more procrastination :wink:

I have never been so happy to give someone $34.99. Congratulations, and thanks.


Woot! Congratulations! Now when can we buy that novel? (And you thought the pressure was off!)


Congratulations, Keith.

Bought and paid for!

I’ve been around from early on, and although I haven’t contributed much to the forums recently, I’ve been following closely. As someone else said, I have rarely been so looking forward to paying for a program.

A great program, a great bunch of testers.

Now we all have to get down to writing!


It shipped! Please spend my $34.99 on champagne.