Scrivener 1.01 now available

Hi all,

I have just uploaded Scrivener 1.01, which adds some minor refinement and fixes some bugs - the full list of changes is at the end of this post, and can also be found in the readme file or in the auto-update information box.

To download 1.01, either:

  • Go to the product page ( and re-download the trial, then replace the existing copy of Scrivener in your Applications folder (you will not need to re-enter your registration details or anything).


  • From the Scrivener menu within Scrivener, select “Check for Updates…”. This will bring up a panel showing you the list of changes in 1.01 from which you can choose to update Scrivener. (If you have Scrivener set up to check for updates whenever you open it, you will be presented with this panel when you next launch 1.0).

I already have a small number of items to add for 1.02. :slight_smile: Note that the two minor bugs I have so far been unable to fix in this update are: 1) When choosing to override the text colour in full screen via Preferences, if you have already launched full screen during the session, the I-beam cursor will not assume the correct colour until the next time you open the project; 2) Hitting cmd-` while in full screen will plonk the main window over the top of the full screen window and lose any content in the full screen. Both very minor and still on my list to fix for 1.02 or 1.03 (minor, but they have proved more difficult to fix than I would have thought).

All the best,

Changes to 1.01

  • Tweaked full screen window so that Zooom can no longer move it around.
  • Added “Open in > External Editor” to View menu and to toolbar (for media files only).
  • If index cards are set not to draw lines in Preferences, divider lines are not drawn either now.
  • Added new preferences to Fonts & Colors panel of Preferences that allow you to customise the corkboard and appearance of index cards - for instance, by choosing a corkboard background from disk, changing the shadow intensity and index cards background colour.
  • Project Statistics sheet now remembers settings between sessions.
  • Hitting enter after typing some Action in Screenplay mode now creates another Action paragraph rather than moving to the Character element - you can hit Tab to change it to Character anyway. This allows the more fluid typing of action paragraphs.
  • Fixed bug whereby double-clicking a Scrivener Gold project and then clicking on “Cancel” to cancel the update to 1.0 format would crash the program.
  • Added “Tint Icons With Label Color” to View menu. If this is checked, the document icons in the binder and elsewhere will be tinted with the colour of the document label.
  • Fixed bug where window could disappear from view if you set the default editor width in Preferences to a small number and then kept hitting the zoom button.
  • Fixed bug whereby auto-capitalisation didn’t work for sentences following a newline if there was no punctuation at the end of the preceding sentence - which meant that it didn’t work after character headings etc. in screenplay mode.
  • Another auto-caps bug fixed whereby I’m, I’d etc would not auto-cap the “I”.
  • Added “Font only” checkbox to Formatting tab of Preferences. If this is checked, only the font of documents will be changed, not any paragraph attributes (if you have it set up to use export formatting). This way, you can compose scripts in one font but export them in another without destroying the rest of the script format.
  • Project Notepad has become the “Scratch Pad”. Launch this in the same way as the project notepad, but now you will see extra options. You can use the pop-up button at the bottom of the panel to copy the text, or a selection thereof (if “Selection only” is checked) into a binder document, or create a new document from the text. You can also choose to float the panel (click on the “Float” button) so that it floats over other applications even when Scrivener isn’t active - great for taking notes while working in other programs. Click on the arrows in the corners of the panel to move the panel to a corner of the screen automatically. The Scratch Pad can also be called up from the Dock menu (provided a project is open).
  • Fixed bug whereby notes could be included in draft export for text groups even when “Notes” wasn’t selected in Export Draft content.
  • A “Smart Playlist”-style export where export is based on keywords, labels and so on…
  • (Hopefully) fixed bug where some web archive imports would not work correctly (when using File > Import > Web Page…)
  • Added Preference to specify outliner background colour (how did I miss this?).
  • Can now change label and status via contextual menu in the binder.
  • Tooltips of index cards and outliner rows now show first 100 characters of the text rather than only the first 50.
  • Open in Alternate Editor now affects Edit Scrivenings an arbitrary corkboard selection, too.
  • Added “Low” and “High” labels to JPG compression slider in Preferences for sake of clarity.
  • Export Files now remembers last format setting…
  • Renamed “Force Save” to “Save” to avoid the confusion and consternation this appellation was causing some users.
  • If “Automatically switch back to editor” preference is unchecked or default group viewing mode is not set to corkboard, if the corkboard is not currently visible, selecting multiple items in the binder will only display the first document in the current view mode (so that it does not switch to corkboard regardless of the fact that you have set this not to happen).
  • Label and Status submenus in outliner, corkboard and binder contextual menus now display checkmark to indicate the current label/status (as does Cards Across).
  • Editing label and status in contextual menus is no longer dependent upon what is visible in the corkboard or outliner.
  • Added customisable auto-complete list (per-project) - go to Edit > Edit Auto-Complete List to set up a list of words that you would like to appear at the top of the auto-complete list when hitting opt-Escape - useful, for instance, for character names (note that you must type at least one letter of the word you wish to auto-complete before hitting opt-Escape).

Two little things that come in very handy for my workflow. Thanks!

The first of these is very handy, thank you.

The second of these is invaluable, bless you.

Lookin’ good, Kieth.

I particularly appreciate

Wow this seems like a lot more than a .0x, but then you’ve always been conservative (much appreciated!) in your numbering.

One thing bugs me though…

What??? What happened to your almost W-like stay the course? What happened to that tower of inflexibility?! Does this mean Eiron will get his way? :laughing:

This could get exciting…


Oops! This one:

was a mistake! That most certainly has not been added. I must have copied and pasted that from my “to do” list to the “done” list along with another item. That one is actually marked for 2.0! Whoops.


Another great update with many useful additions and features, sans the one you listed accidentally, of course. :slight_smile:

What I want to know is why can’t other developers make it so amazingly easy and elegant to updgrade!?? The way you’ve implemented the ability to upgrade is pretty terrific!

Many thanks!


Thanks Alexandria, although I take no credit for the ease of upgrading - I just use Andy Matuschak’s Sparkle framework, which any Cocoa developer can implement very easily.
All the best,

Thanks for the update, I do not regret that I have purchased this great product, but - as always - there’s a little concern I have : How’s about the implementation of other language interfaces?

I am still volunteering to do the German one :laughing: !

Anyway, keep up the great work!



I would like to echo the previous sentiments.
This is another extremely well executed update.
The ability to apply label colors to an icon, as a form of meta data, is indispensable, as is the new scratch pad.

Thank you.



Oliver, please see this thread: … 6&start=30

Localisation to other languages is a priority, but it is a lot of work, and involves translators using development tools and so forth, so it will be a few months before I can turn my attention to it properly. It will come eventually, though.

Thanks again and all the best,

What happened to your commitment to just put Scrivener on the back burner and actually do some writing when Scrivener reached 1.0?

From the looks of that change log there hasn’t been too much writing going on! :wink:

There has been some writing going on, actually. :slight_smile: It is feeding into what I am doing. For instance, a change to the way snapshots are viewed is in the works for 1.02 or 1.0x because I have been trying a technique called “spinning down the page” to get ideas for scenes out, and I want to snapshot these and then refer to them easily. So my own suggestions are just taking precedence. :slight_smile:

Fantastic update, Keith. More than what a typical .0x update would give. I just have one comment about the typographical quotes. Historically, in spanish, the typographical quotes are « and ». I hope you can fix that in the next release.

Huh, I got these from Mellel. Does Mellel have it wrong, too, then?

That’s the dilemma Keith. Writing that world class novel or making Scriverner even better. You’ve given the world the best piece of writing software ever already, so it’s not for fame that you should write anymore…
Thanks for Scrivener, on behalf of all the writers!

Just to add to the previous comments… The tint icon feature is extremely useful, as is the new scratchpad.

I absolutely love this application. You deserve to do well with it.

Tint Icons with Label colour – so helpful but not noisy, easy to access and turn on, turn off. Thanks!

OK, this is Maria speaking, thus: I am looking forward for such an elegant implementation of an overview about status in the Binder…

No, the basically different way of working and the basically elegant design is what makes my work different now. Any improvements are welcome, but not urgent, at least to me.


Ah! Keith,

How good can it get?

101 is astonishingly good.

I am going to my favourite bookcafe later for some literature and latte - looking for a book of superlatives - to describe Scrivener.


Just to thank you fixing a bug that I didn’t see on your list, but I may have overlooked it. I’m writing 120 commentaries to an equal amount of quotes and have been using a table with three columns. Until the update it was such a hassle to edit the texts in the different cells, because I couldn’t put my pointer just anywhere in the text and had to use shift tab and the arrow keys to move to the right place in the text. Now that is fixed and I am very pleased, because it makes work much easier. The not being able to properly edit text in tables was about the only thing I didn’t like about this fantastic programme, although it would be good if the undo option would also include undoing of style (this is also text in tables).


Hi Yb, I don’t think I actually knew about this bug let alone know I’d fixed it! :slight_smile: It may have been a side effect of another bug that got fixed, I’m not sure. As for the undoing of styles, unfortunately I have no control over this - styles are built into the OS X text system (identical to TextEdit).