Scrivener 1.03 Crash at Startup

Since upgrading to 1.03, I have not been able to get Scrivener to run. It locks up before the initial screen is painted and remains frozen until I force the OS (Windows XP sp2) to kill the app. Then I get the OS message regarding Scrivener crashing and asking whether I want to send information to Microsoft. The module identified as causing the error is listed as “unknown”.

I saw some reported similar problems related to the NaNoWriMo version, but I never installed that beta.

I have uninstalled and re-installed several times. No luck. :cry:

Please advise.


Were you able to register? I had a similar problem: installed 1.03, crashed constantly at registration/activation. I uninstalled and installed 1.0, and that registered without a hitch.

Sorry, responded to wrong post and can’t delete my message…

Was this a full install of 1.0.3 or an upgrade from an earlier version–and if the latter, was it from a beta version? I assume you’ve been successfully running earlier versions of Scrivener on this machine, so all the necessary external files should be there. Do you know if Scrivener is trying to auto-load a project when it launches? It could be that causing a glitch, so if you rename or move that project’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer, you can try launching Scrivener again and see if takes you to the New Project panel and lets you work normally.

Do you get any error messages when you try to run the program?

As I mentioned, I completely uninstalled and re-installed several times, and I ran every beta version and the initial release version without any problems running. The only problem I had was the crash on close of the first commercial version.

Yes, right now, I am set to auto-load the last project, but renaming it did not change the behavior.

No. The title bar paints, then the app freezes, before the rest of the app is even visible.

Whoops, missed the uninstall/reinstall statement in the original post, I apologize. When you ran the uninstaller, did the Scrivener directory get removed or was it still lingering? If the latter, or you’re not sure, it might be worth trying the uninstall again, then deleting that directory manually (make sure you didn’t store your projects in it, of course, but otherwise the remaining bits would be from older betas, things that Scrivener’s recent installers didn’t create and so for safety aren’t automatically deleted) and trying the installation again. Also if you could try booting in Safe Mode and then running Scrivener and let me know if that changes anything, I’d appreciate it as we try to track this down.

Okay, I thought I had tried this before, but now I’m wondering if I missed something.

I uninstalled again. The folder was still there, so I deleted it. This time, I re-installed and opened Scrivener without any problem, BUT now anytime I try to reopen the file that was previously set to auto-load, Scrivener locks up as before.

So, I guess somehow the file got corrupted. Is there any way to retrieve my work in that file?

Good, making progress! The project is probably salvageable–most likely there’s just one file in there that is throwing a problem, e.g. a PDF or other imported page that’s causing an error when Scrivener tries to read it. If you want to zip the projet’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and send that to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com I can take a look at it; that might be fastest. Otherwise, if you know that you’d recently imported a PDF or other media, you could make a backup of the project and then try removing these files from the Files\Docs folder inside the project directory and seeing if the project loads (the links to those files will still be in the binder, but of course if you click them nothing will load). If that works you can then start putting them back into the Docs folder a group a time until you narrow it down to the one causing the problem. Also if you do get the project open that way, check that you’re not loading with the entire Draft trying to open in a Scrivenings session or similar, as a large Scrivenings session can take a little longer to load and it might be causing a delay and hang on opening.