Scrivener 1.03 now available!


Scrivener 1.02 is now available for download. You can install it either by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the application menu, or directly from here: … ivener.dmg

(Note that there are now some export settings and templates available on the DMG file, so you may want to download the DMG for them.)

There are lots of changes to 1.02, though you can safely ignore them if you really want to. Perhaps the most important change is that 1.02 is fully compatible with the latest developer seed of Leopard. Of course, the next developer seed could break it, but this is a major step towards ensuring that Scrivener works on Leopard right from the day it is released.

The full list of changes can be found at the end of this post, but some of the biggies include:

  • Session, project and document word count targets.
  • Project notes.
  • Fixed width view option in preferences.
  • MS Word .doc export.
  • View settings are now stored per-project, so they persist even if a file is moved, renamed or sent to somebody else.
  • Saveable preferences.
  • Tutorial is now stored within the application package.
  • PDF crashing bug fix (and numerous other bug fixes).
  • Scrivener links now available in notes (okay, Eiron? :slight_smile: ).
  • No widows/orphans option added to Page Setup.

Please note that I will be away on holiday for a week from Saturday 31st March through to 7th April, so won’t be responding to mails or forum posts for that week.

Enjoy 1.02.

All the best,

**** UPDATE ****
Scrivener 1.03 has just been uploaded. This (hopefully) fixes the following bugs that appeared in 1.02:

  • Fixed bug whereby app would crash if Find panel was left open after closing all other windows.
  • (Hopefully) fixed bug whereby Print would not work and project statistics could freeze (all part of the same bug). This bug apparently only affected PPC platforms.
  • Fixed bug in 1.02 whereby you could no longer drag references from the Finder into the references table.
  • Default screenplay font has been changed back to Courier rather than Courier New.
  • (Hopefully) fixed bug whereby commas in word count targets could cause the targets to be truncated (e.g. 2,000 would become 2). This is a bug in Tiger.

Changes to 1.02 - full list

  • Fixed minor bug in new project assistant where choosing a new directory would not update information text in the panel.
  • Added Microsoft Word (.doc) option to Export Draft, which will successfully export comments, footnotes and images. Note that the .doc created is really just a renamed RTF file with the correct MS Word HFS file type, but Word accepts such files absolutely fine so this should act as a more convenient method of export for those who want to use Word.
  • Autocapitalisation no longer occurs after an ellipsis.
  • Fixed word count bug on Leopard that could make typing impossible in blank documents.
  • Fixed bug whereby an exception could be thrown on Leopard when opening a blank document.
  • Fixed bug with shadows in corkboard in Leopard.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the colour of a label in the Label & Status Setup sheet would not immediately be reflected in the binder (if tint icons with labels is turned on).
  • Fixed bug in Leopard whereby outliner rows would not get resized properly during typing.
  • Fixed bug in Leopard whereby label icons in outliner could appear in the wrong place.
  • “Export Draft…â€

Wow, and he calls this is a .01 increment! :wink:

1.1 (free upgrade) will include a 17" Macbook Pro and a pony.

The most useful features are always the tiniest. I don’t know whether it existed before 1.02, but I only just found it: using the scratch pad, I can now make notes and append them directly to the Trash. This is what I – and my editors – have been wanting all along.

(But, seriously: how many of you are there, all masquerading as one “Keith”?)

I am absolutely flabbergasted, flummoxed and in awe of you sir. The incredible amount of bug fixes, changes and tweaks that ver 1.02 includes are simply amazing. You truly care about your product.

I felt like I was about to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace when I saw the length of the version changes.

The major software companies should learn from you.

Bravo. . .


Can you please hurry and complete version 1.03? I do not believe there are enough changes.

I mean WOW! This is a bloody revision by all accounts! Great work, and I have never regretted for one nano second, my Scrivener license purchase. The first seconds I used Scrivener, I knew that it was something special. Becoming an early adopter was a given.

Thank you for the excellent update.

You forgot to mention the addition of a hard right margin to the Action element in screenplay mode! Thanks!

Scrivener just gets better and better. Great work! :smiley:

Holy moly!

Keith, you are amazing.


Awesome. Thanks!


  • Added shift-return to script-writing mode: in script-writing mode, if you hit shift-enter, the current element will not change.
  • Screenplay format is now based on the Hollywood standard, as follows:
    Scene…61 char wide, no indent
    Action…61 char wide, no indent
    Character…38 char wide, 21 char indent
    Parenthetical…24 char wide, 15 char indent
    Dialogue…35 char wide, 11 char indent
    Transition…16 char wide, 42 char indent
    Shot…61 char wide, no indent
    (Note that there is actually a 1/2 inch indent on the left, so that if you print with 1 inch margins, the left margin will actually be 1.5 inches, which is the standard.) Note that these changes mean that Scrivener will no longer recognise the attributes of any previous screenplays you have formatted in Scrivener - all elements of older screenplay formats will only be recognised as “General Textâ€

This is just a guess, but it is likely that Scrivener does not remember you were editing in a screenplay mode, since all of the project preferences have been moved. You might just need to re-activate it. When I activate any of the alternate editing modes, the word count feature is replaced by the familiar pop-up.

Cmd-Ctrl-W is the shortcut for Screenplay Mode; also found in the Text menu, under Mode.

Thank you, thank you, my lady Amber. Your guess was exactly correct. A dozen virtual roses are on their way to Portland.

One word:

Great, great, great!


P.S. enjoy the holiday!

The upgrade was as smooth as …

I feel so smug everytime I use Scrivener. It can’t be good for my character. It’s just all too easy. No struggle, no problems, no setbacks. My publishers are happy, I’m happy. The world is full of sunshine again.

I’m all warm and gooey again. I just want to play. I’m supposed to be a struggling writer - I’ve even got a garret.

Scrivener 1.02 is just brilliant. The upgrade was so simple.

Thanks Keith.

You’ve done it again!

CMD-L notes are like, awesome. Thanks.

Wow! Fantastic! Thank you!

I particularly like:
~ indication of synopsis/text/blank for icons in the binder
~ project, session and document word count targets
~ “Navigate Toâ€

Just to add my gratitude for this update.

As a veteran software developer I am in awe of your professionalism, your customer focus and the quality of your work.

The big boys could indeed learn from you.

Just one teeny suggestion, could you rename your download disk images to include the version number e.g. Scrivener_102.dmg, that way those of us who save the disk images can keep multiple versions around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

That’s a lot of fixes for a patch release and yet there’s fixes that didn’t make the list! I immediately noticed that using Spotlight from outside scrivener now finds matches inside my .scriv files. Great work; thank you :slight_smile: