Scrivener 1.2.3 bug

I uninstalled both 1.03 and 1.21-- which had installed itself in a ScrivenerBeta folder instead of as an update

1.21 did NOT have an uninstaller, either in its own folder or in the add/remove in control panel, so I deleted the folder and will have to fix the registry to reflect that. (definitely NOT something I like to do, but seemed necessary because of all the issues.)

Afterwards, I installed 1.2.3 and I STILL cannot double click on a project file to open (see attachment)
but at least this one then opens up the Scrivener program.

Uhmmm. Is this a beta or a real update?

If it is a beta, would it be possible to let us know so we can decide if we want to stick with 1.03 until a a stable update?

I no longer have the 1.03 in my system

winxp sp3

Marta, I had the same problem (running WinXP SP3) but quickly found that if I opened Scrivener first, then used the menu “file open” or “open recent project” that my projects would open.

I also had problems starting Scrivener by double-clicking the short-cut icon, but if I would select it and choose “open” from the right-click pop-up menu, it would then work.

There is an active thread discussing this problem and its fix:

Hope this helps. -gb-

I read the thread you mentioned, but that seems to be a different issue than mine.

I checked the .txt file and it DOES say 16.

If I right click the file I get the same problem as double clicking.

I can open the file if I open Scrivener first, and select the file form the menu.