Scrivener 1.5 (latest) Images do not show up

first of thanks for the great peice of software! :smiley:

My problem is that I have to add images to my project. All images are png-files.
I did it that way:

  1. on the harddisk there is a subfolder in the scrivener.scriv folder holding the images

  2. scrivener

  • created a subfolder screenshots below the research folder
  • ctrl-shift-h to import one image after the other to that place
  • then I wanted them to appear in may document, therefore I added the following command in the editor windows
    • <$img:System-Sprachauswahl;w=321;h=276>
      but it did not work, the image isn’t shown in preview nor in pdf.
      then I tried
    • <$img:/home/ulf/Dokumente/scrivener/VServer.scriv/Bilder/Serverinstallation.png>
      same effect. Image is not displayed, neither in editor, nor in the pdf-file, nor in preview-mode.

Where did I went wrong? :question:

Thks in advance for your help