Scrivener 1.52 now available


Just to let you know that Scrivener 1.52 is now available. As usual, you can grab it either by going to the main product page and clicking on “Download Now”, or by going to Scrivener > Check for Updates within Scrivener.

1.52 has been tested on Snow Leopard so there should be no problems when the big cat hits stores this Friday. The major new feature of 1.52 is “Import from WriteRoom”, which allows you to download files created on WriteRoom for the iPhone and sync’ed to directly into your Scrivener project. You can access this feature by going to File > Import > From

Oh, and if you think this feature may be useful but don’t have WriteRoom for the iPhone, Jesse of Hog Bay Software informs me that it’s only $0.99 until the end of this week. And thanks to Jesse for helping and allowing me to implement this feature.

Other than that, this is mainly a bug fix release, and should - hopefully! - be the final 1.x release, as most of my efforts are now directed towards 2.0, which is now scheduled for sometime early next year (no exact dates as yet).

You can find the full change list here:

Thanks and all the best,

Many thanks for the timely update, Keith! I just installed it and am very glad to see ghost notes working properly again. The Writeroom syncing feature also looks like a lovely addition. It’s just the incentive I need to go out and buy it now so that I can write on the go!

I’ve noticed just one quirk with the latest release: it appears that the “override text color” option under fullscreen preferences is ignored. I’ve changed my fullscreen settings to have a light text on dark background, and now the text remains black. I attempted disabling and re-enabling the option to see if that would clear it up, but since it didn’t help, I fear this may be a bug. A minor one at that, but one that I thought I’d come out of lurking to make you aware of. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for all the hard work you put into making Scrivener the superior application it is, Keith. I’ll be looking forward to 2.0 and wish you the best on its development!

Thanks for the update. I would make one suggestion about the import. When you select import, there is no onscreen notification that the import was successful. If you don’t have too many docs open in the selected folder, you will see the file. But if you have several files in the folder then it’s not immediately apparent that you just finished an import. I ended up importing my text file five times without realizing it.

Oh, and I am also having the same problem with the full screen text color. Is there a way to downgrade? I use full screen most of the time and it’s almost useless now since I need a dark background when I write.


I noticed what is probably the same issue after upgrading to version 1.52, so dug the automatically deleted 1.51 version out the trash – full-screen works fine again. Unfortunate – I was looking forward to using WriteRoom on my iPod Touch and syncing to Scrivener.


a- also find that the fullscreen mode is impaired as described

b- have to re-enter password all the time, so just opening in safari and copy&paste seems faster

c- it seems to work just 1 way, from wr into scrivener, so I have to open in safari to paste new text for further editing on the iPhone into it.

b and c make the usefulness of this feature questionable.

Just to confirm that I’ve seen the same full screen preferences issue here (I’d a white on blue set up and now it’s black on blue).


How about naming the downloads to indicate the version, Scrivener-152.dmg and so on.

That way, new downloads will not overwrite old ones and people are more likely to have the previous version around if they wish to revert.


Please re-download - I’ve fixed the full screen bug, apologies about that.

The notification of “import” working from WR sounds good, will add for 2.0.

Beru - yes this is intended as one-way only. I wouldn’t want to store the password anywhere. You have to log into Safari anyway, and this is intended for downloading from WriteRoom on the iPhone; I think it’s useful for taking notes when you are away and getting them straight into Scrivener, which is the intended useful. If you are constantly writing notes in and bringing them into Scriv one at a time, you may as well just write them directly into Scriv…


The ability to sync with has caused me to reinstall Writeroom on my iPhone. The idea of being able to jot down ideas on the go and pull them back into a project later is brilliant. I’ve tested it and it works flawlessly.

Brilliant work, Keith.

sure. I do use wr on the iPhone, sync to, the iPhone app is why I am using this in the first place.

What I meant to say is that it would be way cooler if Scriv could sync back to (to get stuff one currently is working on to the iPhone) now one has to do this via and some copy and paste… having e.g. a folder in Scriv which automatically syncs (back and forth) with (and, hence, with the iPhone) would really be very useful/time saving.

Oh, yes, it would be cooler if it could do the other way too, and hopefully one day that may happen. There are problems, though - for instance, isn’t really designed for long documents, and it’s plain text so you would lose any formatting, annotations etc from your Scrivener text and so on, so there are all sorts of pitfalls going the other way. The main thing I wanted for now was just some way of jotting notes on an iPhone or iPod and bringing them into Scrivener.
All the best,

Similar integration with Carbon Fin Outliner would be excellent. I don’t imagine it’s possible to make everything integrate with everything else, so I wouldn’t hazard a request…, but I’m just saying it would be excellent. Their website allows OPML export, and Scrivener allows OPML import…

In the meantime, the Writeroom thing is great. I’ve downloaded Writeroom and it works fine.
Well done!

Thanks for the quick fix, Keith – looks good!

Also thanks for the iPhone WriteRoom integration. Very nifty to have a way to jot quick idea notes, etc., and sync into Scrivener.

KB, thanks!

As for the question two-way sync with Writeroom, I’d rather have a cloud sync for Scrivener itself, so that my Scrivener project is backed up and I can resume writing on my bigger screen in my office when I come in from the road.

Thanks again! Really looking forward to 2.0.

As for Snow Leopard, this note from Nisus troubles me:

“Prior to Snow Leopard, [RTF] files that were created in Nisus Writer Express or Pro would always reopen in the originating application. However, Apple has changed this behavior in 10.6. All RTF files, regardless of where they were created, will open in a single application”

Does this mean that RTF files will only be associated to a single application? What about, if RTF files are used by Scrivener, Nisus, TextEdit, and others?


Yes, I think that Paolo hit the target. I use TexEdit/DEVONThink Pro Office, Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro, all using RTF format …

I’ve just upgraded to Snow Leopard and RTFs in Scrivener appear to be working fine. I can’t speak for the other applications, however, as I either don’t own them or haven’t tested them yet.

Might I just ask - politely, of course! - why in hell do I want my Scrivener project to sync with

Scenario 1: taps notes in iPhone’s Writeroom; sync to Scrivener. Re-work notes or discard. Nice.

Scenario 2: sync projects from Scrivener to Writeroom. Er, why? I can’t write a bloody book on the iPhone.

One of the things that Apple understands, but which many of the iPhone’s users don’t, is that the iPhone is an ancillary, complementary platform; not a replacement for a Mac. (Now the Tablet might be different…)

As for the cloud, I keep my Scrivener files on DropBox and as long as I shut down Scrivener on my various Macs, no problem.

So, Keith, in short: no need for two-way sync! Good work on 1.5.2 and roll on 2.0!

Aaagghh, decisions, decisions, what to do first? And with my BBCode mysteriously off, I can’t even augment my confusion with a cute little icon. :frowning:

At any rate, I ordered the family pack of SnowLeopard this morning. Should I wait till after I’ve installed it to download 1.52? Or do the Scrivener update first? Or does it really matter at all? And should I get back to work instead of searching for yet more things to work myself into a lather about?