Scrivener Research can't display landscape layouts

Scrivener and earlier versions for Windows.

Based on my search of the Scrivener Forum, Scrivener’s inability to properly display Landscape page layouts imported into the Research folder has been around for a few years. I do not, however, see the issue listed as a current bug so am taking the chance of restating the problem. (My apologies if despite my searches I’ve overlooked an existing bug.)

Note on Terms: Landscape pages are wider than they are tall. Portrait pages are taller than they are wide.

IF one adds a PDF / PNG / essentially any valid import format to Scrivener’s Research folder, AND that imported document’s layout equals Landscape, THEN Scrivener displays the Landscape page in Portrait mode. This results in a loss of information contained in the imported Landscape document.

As described in multiple Forum posts, one circumvention to this issue is to use an external tool to rotate the Landscape page to Portrait layout, then import that Portait-oriented document. This retains all of the imported document’s information but does require the document to be viewed “sideways” insofar as a Landscape page is displayed standing on its shorter left or right side.

A second circumvention is to use the Scrivener Inspector to create an External Reference to the Landscape-formatted document file, then right-click that External Reference and choose Open in Default Editor. Viewing the Landscape page outside of Scrivener permits the page to be viewed in its entirety and correctly oriented.

However, these methods only circumvent the issue rather than actually solve it.

I for one would really enjoy being able to work with Landscape pages in Scrivener in a straightforward way. As stated, this issue has evidently been around for several years. Any possibility of a fix?

Cheers, thanks, & hope this helps,