Scrivener 1.6.1 keyword drag and drop is broken

Just a caution: I sent a note to technical support on this subject already. I upgraded to 1.6.1 (Windows) this morning but I quickly discovered that you can’t drag and drop from the keyword list anymore. Something’s broken. If you use it often, as I do, you might want to wait until that problem is fixed before you upgrade.

Interesting. It’s not a feature I use a lot, but I’ve just been experimenting.

In 1.6.1 I can drag a keyword from the project keywords window to the document keywords list in the Inspector, to the Binder, or to the document’s card in Corkboard view, but I can’t drag it from the document keywords list to anywhere but the document synopsis in the Inspector or the text in the editor (in which case I just get the name of the keyword inserted). In 1.6.0 … I see exactly the same behaviour. Was this different in previous versions?

edit Actually, never mind. Now it isn’t working for me either way. Which is strange, because I’m positive it was working this morning on my Win 7 64-bit system right after I updated, but I think it hadn’t done the activation thing then, because it did that when I turned the machine and started up Scrivener just now. That may or may not be relevant.


also broken in

– Luis

Please re-download and install 1.6.1 from the website. We’ve rolled the 1.6.2 changes into a re-release of 1.6.1 (the version numbering caused problems with our special NaNoWriMo trial version out now, hence the change) and also fixed the keyword drag and drop problem in the new 1.6.1.

What is the link?
the one I went to on October 29 from your FB page … geList.php
has an October 29th date
Version released: October 29th, 2013

I already have that one

I’ll see about updating the date for the change list, but meanwhile the link for 1.6.1 there is correct, as is the one anywhere on the website for the current Windows release; here’s a direct link. You may need to clear your browser cache before downloading if you had previously downloaded the full 1.6.1 installer. The new one should be dated 31 Oct.