Scrivener 1.7 Beta

Thanks go out to Nino for reminding me of the new release!

Here it is: Ubuntu

and: Slackware

And, on Mar. 21, someone/anyone/everybody please don’t forget to e-mail me so I can make the next one on time :wink:

Admins: How come every single time I try to upload these packages to the forum, it fails miserably? This is where they belong, and I shouldn’t be wiping out a Dropbox Public folder just to provide these files for everybody! <\rant>

thanks a lot a lot.

am very dependent on this great software for my thesis, i wanted to abandon the declining imperial behemoth Windows and embrace ubuntu whatever the complications, and youve made the transition much easier, thanks a lot alot.

Thanks randywallace - you are a star. :smiley:

Thanks for your work, much appreciated.

Woooot !

Nope, not this one. Beta16 is theoretically the recent one, maps to 0.2.6. Try main “Scrivener on Windows” page for a link to the most recent Linux version.