Scrivener 1.7 not loading on XP

I can’t find this anywhere else, so I hope I’m doing this right.

The last Scrivener update 1.6, would not load onto my XP. Lee worked with me and I was finally able to load it (I <3 Lee.) I’ve just dl’ed 1.7 and while I think this is a different error code I’m getting, I cannot even get the program to load. I can load other programs fine, so I don’t think it’s something stupid I’m doing…but I’m always open to that possibility. :unamused: I have the media version of XP. I uninstalled 1.6 before attempting to install 1.7.
Thank you,

Here is the screenshot:

I’ve got it loaded, I changed the installation path and that did it. Now I’m looking at small text, which is already a known thing.