Scrivener 1.8 & Tables

I seem to recall that Scrivener had a problem importing tables awhile back, one reason I haven’t used it for a very table-rich project I’ve been fiddling with.

A search on “importing tables” turned up some 81 messages, all of which are anywhere from several months pre-1.8 to several years ago (1.03, anyone?)

Has the problem with importing Word tables been fixed?

While I can think of ways to do this information not in a table, it will quadruple the length of the manuscript.



Maybe the best thing to do is give it a try with one or two of your worst case scenario tables and see firsthand how it goes.

I’ve recently copy and pasted from MS Word a few simple three column tables which have all been fine. Once in Scrivener you don’t get much in the way of control over formatting, like the internal cell spacing, but it does appear to preserve what came in from Word.

From my past few weeks experience of using these simple tables as forms, it all works rather well. I would say though, I’m not intending to print or go beyond using them for organising and structuring collected data, so it might different for you.

I’m not at my PC at the moment to double check this, but from memory I beleive copy and pasting works both ways, so you should be able to copy back into word to tidy things up if they go awry. Good luck.

I haven’t had to deal with anything involving tables for quite some time, and as I’m a Mac user I can’t advise on whether that aspect of Windows Scrivener has changed — the translations for which I had to use it running under Wine didn’t involve tables. But, just on a general note, tables in Scrivener on both (all three) platforms are unavoidably basic, at least for the immediate future. To see why, go to

If you haven’t already.

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Thanks – I had already read that thread.

I know the tables are basic – Scrivener’s a writer’s tool, not a formater. My tables are basically three columns, but LOTS of rows, and they’re pretty well already laid out. The only changes I would be likely to make would be extra rows here and there.

I wanted to pull things into Scrivener because it would be easier, I think, to organize the pieces of the manuscript which are NOT tables.

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