Scrivener on Windows 7 - only in Compatiblity Mode

Hey there guys!

After I downgraded from Windows 8.1 back to 7 SP1 (made a clean install) and installed Scrivener, I couldn’t start the application. That means, everytime I tried to open it, it got stuck right from the start with “no response”. Sorry, I don’t know if that’s the correct error message in english, cause I’m from germany and I’m using Windows with german user-interface. :wink:

Then I figured out, that Scrivener would start in compatibility mode (set on Windows XP SP2). Well, that’s more or less working fine, but the problem is, that it only starts with administrator permissions, that have to be confirmed, everytime I start the program.

So, I’d like to know, if that’s a known issue and if it will be fixed in any upcoming update. :neutral_face:

Like the earlier versions, 1.9 should work on all systems from XP SP3 through Windows 10, but some users have encountered the “Not Responding” problem that is resolved by switching to compatibility mode. You may be able to run Scrivener in compatibility mode for Windows 7 rather than XP; compatibility mode still seems to make some slight adjustments to how the program and system interact, even when it’s compatibility mode for the same OS version, and that’s worked for Scrivener in the other cases.

Are you working from a standard user account, and Scrivener won’t open even in compatibility mode without running it as admin? Was Scrivener installed by the standard account or as an administrator? You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the other way around, to see if it makes a difference.

If you do have to always run as administrator, you can set this in Scrivener’s properties, though you will still have to enter the admin password each time unless your UAC settings dictate otherwise. Pay extra attention when you’re working in the file browser from Scrivener (e.g. creating a new project or compiling), since it will be taking the administrator account as the current user, rather than the user you’re logged into Windows as. So the default user “Documents” folder from Scrivener will be the admin user’s Documents folder, not your standard user’s.

Hey there, Mimetic! Thanks for your fast reply! :smiley:

I switched over to compatibility mode for Windows 7 - and it’s working fine! Scrivener starts much faster and doesn’t ask for administrator permissions anymore.

I’m always logged in with my administrator account, and I always run installations as administrator. And yes, it wouldn’t even open, starting it as admin. It always got stuck with the “not responding” error message. But running Scrivener in compatibility mode for Windows 7 really seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for that!

Since I encountered so many problems (not regarding Scrivener) using Windows 8.1 and 10, I’m glad to be using Windows 7 again. But that’s another story… :wink: