Scrivener not saving project consistently

I have two Windows 10 laptops, each with Scrivener installed. OneDrive is installed and used for storage of the project. My saving options in Scrivener are to save after 2 seconds of inactivity, and I do NOT have the Safe Document Saving checked.

Up until two weeks ago, everything worked fine with projects saving changes. Now, I must remember to Ctrl-S manual save before closing the project AND check the File Explorer project file date/time stamp to ensure the Ctrl-S keystroke actually worked. Sometimes it does, sometime it doesn’t.

Kinda odd…

Check your update history for Windows, the OneDrive client, and your anti-virus solution. See if an update got put in place around the time things stopped working. Whatever changed is going to be something that hooks in with the Windows filesystem code, as Scrivener thinks it’s writing to the normal folder structure that OneDrive presents.

Also see if you installed any other software around that time that would hook into the underlying filesystem calls.

Finally, run a decent root kit and malware detector. They often hook into the filesystem code in order to hide themselves. It’s probably not likely in this case, but it’s a possibility to explore.

Hi Devin. Windows itself has updated with the Windows Defender periodic updates. OneDrive update on the 13-Dec so THAT’S a possibility. Note that I seem to be able to consistently save now manually. I just can’t depend on closing the project and assuming it’s been saved. But I’ll keep an eye out on this and watch the file time stamps for a while to see if Scrivener is doing it on its own.

Yeah something changed, I just don’t know what. No new software, by the way, and it does it on both machines, making me think OneDrive is mucking with something, probably a sync issue.

Sorry for a dumb question, but how do you know your project’s not being saved? Have documents or the binder reverted to older versions? What symptoms are you seeing?

JimRac makes a good point. Changing one of the project’s component files won’t necessarily change the time stamp on the .scrivx file, for example.


Also make sure that the OneDrive folders where you are saving Scrivener projects are marked to “Always keep files on this device” so that OneDrive doesn’t try to save space by doing just-in-time downloads of various files within the project, that it always actually fully syncs the files both ways all the time.

You might also consider the following workflow, which might be less work overall than what you are currently doing (and it’s not necessarily a bad idea overall):

  1. Make sure OneDrive is fully synced and up-to-date, then pause OneDrive syncing.
  2. Open Scrivener and work on your projects as normal.
  3. At the end of your session, close Scrivener.
  4. Resume OneDrive syncing and wait for it to catch up.