Scrivener 1.9 - can't get rid of pane created via ToC


I created a ToC in Scrivener 1.9, and when I clicked on one of the generated links, it created a vertical “preview pane” (to steal the term from Outlook). I can’t get rid of this annoying pane, even after I deleted the ToC. Has anyone managed to do this?


Welcome to the forums! Could you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Usually yes, but it turns out not here. I upload the screencap and get an error: “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

I don’t see another option here, so I’ll see if I can post it on some old pic sharing account I have lingering from 2007 and link it.

Okay, here’s a link to the gdocs hosted image.


I can’t post links either, so this is turning into a really fun endeavor.

Can you do something like https colon slash mydomain dot tld slash ?

The inability to post images or links is part of this ‘discourse’ system to prevent spam-bots from posting. You have to have used the forums a number of times for posting and/or searching before it gives you the ability to post them.

The forum is certainly not inundated with spam like the old one was!



I’ve updated your trust level from new user to basic. Are you able to upload the image now?

Yes, thank you so much. I’d forgotten about this and decided to live with it, but it’s really distracting.

Scrivener - ToC pane won't go away

It looks like you’ve enabled the split editor, which allows you to have two documents opened side by side. If you click in one of the editor panes and hit Ctrl+' (this is the shortcut for View > Layout > No Split), does the split editor go away? You can also click on the little expansion (">>") icon in the header bar of one of the documents where you should see what looks like an icon of a full screen window (as opposed to the icon of the split screen window that is shown in your screenshot). Click that, and the editor should return to No Split mode.

That was it. Good god, thank you. I knew it had to be something simple, but that would have taken me months or longer to figure out.

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