Scrivener 1.9 on Windows 10


I’ve just installed the update. I’m doing a lot of writing on my game computer that uses my 4K TV. There are some display issues. I have a screenshot I’d like to pass along to the dev team. I am not making these img tags as the screenshots are 3840x2160 and do not play well with the forum software.

Note that the UI is difficult to use. The Inspector is the most obvious in the screenshot. In Windows 10 you can scale the UI specifically to account for using it on a high resolution display. I have it set to 250%.

If I set the UI scaling to 100% it is impossible to use (3840x2160 is a lot of real estate):

In short, could Scrivener be made to work with the Windows 10 scaling UI? That would be awesome.


See this thread for a workaround. I’ve been using it on Windows 10 for a while.

Thanks Devin! The manifest approach works flawlessly!


Glad the manifest approach worked.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t experienced this issue with either 1.8.6 or 1.9.0 with Windows 10 on my 50 inch 4K TV and have not had to employ the manifest approach or Windows resizing (am at 100%).
In the first screenshot listed above, the icons are the same size as I see and the text is markedly larger than I see.
In the second screenshot listed above, icons and text are markedly smaller than I see.
And I don’t experience the compressed/overlapped lines in the General Meta-Data box.

Don’t know why the difference in experience. A possibility that comes to mind, though I don’t know how likely, is that might be related to drivers for the display cards being used. In my case, a Geforce GTX 960 card, driving a Samsung UN50JU6500 4K TV via its HDMI 1 port. (At the time I bought, a Geforce GTX900 family series card was the only option for driving 4K UHD 60hz chroma 4:4:4. Don’t know if that has changed yet.)

As far as a big screen 4K (3840x2160) TV being a lot of real estate… Yeah! Works for me, may not for others. If you need the height… got it. If you need the width… got it. Both… got it. Works for me. Mileage may vary for other folks.

Windows does provide some basic keyboard/mouse based app window moving/sizing that helps when dealing with this much real estate.

I did find a more robust utility handy for rapid manual or automatic moving/sizing app windows in this situation. Mosaico.
There are a variety of robust “windows manager” apps available, that employ a variety of mouse/keyboard/script approaches. Best to try several, to see which, if any, resonate with and work for oneself.