Scrivener 1 Menu Buttons in Scrivener 3

Okay first I need to say I tried to do a search and got an error message about site overload so if I’ve screwed up and requested something twice I am extremely sorry.

I just upgraded from Scrivener to Scrivener 3 for Windows today and I’m working on customizing the menus etc. and I noticed some of the Main Toolbar Options available in S1 aren’t there in S3, specifically the Add Folder and Convert to Folder Buttons. Is there any way to get those back? I love a lot of the new feature and I’m glad to have upgraded, but I don’t like to hunt through right click menus for things I use often. Or even better with the new feature where you can set a default subdocument in a folder could you make folders an option? So like if I’m in Manuscript and I’m moving to a new chapter which is supposed to be in it’s own folder I can quickly hit add and get a folder for my next chapter? I’d still really love the convert button back but as far as add folder I would be estatic if I could set that as the deault option for a folder when I click add. I tend to add text when I want a folder way more often than I should so it would be super helpful. Thanks so much for your time and any help you might be able to give me with this matter.

I don’t think there are buttons to add “Add Folder” and “Convert to Folder” to the toolbar (though there is a keyboard shortcut for the former and you may be able to add one for the latter — sorry, I’m on the Mac, so don’t know what the shortcuts actually are).

But for the second feature, you can add folders as Document Templates and then set that as the default for the Manuscript folder.

To do this:

  1. go to the folder which you have set up as the Templates folder. Unlike in V1, this can be any folder in the binder — it will have a small T on the icon. If you can’t see it, then go to Project > Project Settings > Special Folders and you’ll see a dropdown box for the Templates Folder where you can choose it.

  2. go to that templates folder, create a new folder (which you can name, e.g. “Chapter”) inside it, and optionally a document within it (e.g. “Scene”). Change any settings you want for these two (e.g… statuses, meta data etc).

  3. select the Manuscript/Drafts folder in the Binder and select Documents > Default Template for Subdocuments > Chapter.

Now, whenever you type Ctl-N in the manuscript folder you’ll get a new Chapter folder (containing a new Scene if you’ve chosen to do that). Of course you’ll have to find another away than Ctl-N to add new scenes, but your default from now on will be a new folder.


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Adding folders can be done from the main + button in the toolbar, as well as in the Project menu itself, and there are dedicated buttons for adding text and folders in the footer area of the binder sidebar, too.

Convert to folder/file is done by right-clicking on the item you wish to convert. There is an entry in the Documents menu, under the Convert submenu, but I think right-clicking will generally be more convenient.