Scrivener 1 vs Scrivener 2

I just installed the linux version of scrivener and very happy with the look and feel. I will very likely pay when the Linux version is officially released.

However, I understand the windows and linux versions are at v1 and the mac version is at v2. I have a couple of questions regarding this: - 1) How much of a difference is there between v1 and v2? 2) Is v2 in the pipeline and do you have a timeframe for its release?, and 3) will we need to pay again to upgrade when v2 is released?


For differences, you should check out this sticky thread. It’s a bit long and quite detailed, so to summarise the gestalt of it: the core functionality is in place. We wouldn’t have published 1.x without it. You can use it to do (almost) everything that Mac users had been doing with it since 2007, prior to 2.x, and that is a lot indeed. In some ways you can do quite a bit more with Windows right now that Mac users could for years. The compiler system is quite a bit more advanced than what the original Mac version had. Much of 2.x is further refinement, embellishment, and just giving a bunch of different features a little more power; and in some cases a lot more.

It’s not “in the pipeline” yet. Right now the focus is on stability, optimisation, and finishing off a few last minute things that had to be dropped so that it could get released in a timely manner. Once the bug reports wane and we have the new optimised text engine in place so that it can handle 500,000 word documents on an economy computer effortlessly, then work on 2.x will begin in earnest. I have no way of predicting any schedules for that. It will be a while, so you needn’t worry about money spent being wasted with a rapid update a few months later. It will cost, but existing users will get a hefty discount. More than that I can’t really say. :slight_smile: It’s all long-term speculation right now. Plans, but for now like I say the big focus is on perfecting what we have as much as possible. It is more important to make sure all of the major glitches are gone, than to be pumping out new features.

Thanks a lot for the reply. That all sounds totally reasonable. It’s great that you’re working on a linux version – even the unofficial version I have been using the last week has me really impressed (even if I didn’t get the pdf reader and spell checker functionality working yet). I will look forward to the official release…

Yeah! Likewise, Linux is my old stomping grounds as well, and if Apple ever goes totally locked down Appliance Computer Mode, I might very well return. It’ll be nice to have Scrivener beside me if I ever have to take that move.