Scrivener 1.x image placement

Hello All,

I am a newbie with Scrivener and are creating my first epub with it. Needless to say that I am struggling a lot and I am only in the beginning of the learning process. I have a lot of Udemy courses about Scrivener which are a source of information for me. However, I have a problem for which I do not find the answers in these courses.

I can succesfully import a jpg image and place them inline with the text (in its own paragraph). When I compile to epub, the image is exactly where I wanted it. However, in the editor, the image is covering up the text above it. Despite the perfect end result, it is very frustrating because I cannot see and edit the 4 to 5 lines above it.

Do you have any idea what is causing this weird behaviour and how to correct it? It is strange because in one of the Scrivener courses, the teacher is telling that there is a lot of white space above the image but in the compile process, the unnecessary white space is not present. In my case it is just the opposite, there is not enough white space in the editor.

Your help is very much appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time spent on my problem.

I am looking forward to Scrivener 3 which looks very promising. Despite the difficulties I encounter, it is a very interesting journey as aspiring writer into Scrivener. I never thought I reached this far already and I realize I am still at the very beginning.


My guess would be that on the line that you have the image there is a line-height setting that is using a strict height to the line, rather than letting the line expand as needed—to fit the image in this case.

Use the line-height tool in the toolbar, and select the custom option down at the bottom of the drop-down. Make sure to use “1.0” and leave the rest disabled by setting them to 0. Paragraph spacing is fine; that just adds buffer around the image and may even be desirable.