Scrivener 1530

I’m presently downloading the Scrivener 1530. Is this the final free update? ( I hope… I hope…)

1.5.3 is the release version, if that’s what you mean, and is free to registered users. If you’ve been running the beta version, then 1.5.3 will ask you to purchase a license at some point.


Do we have to uninstall the previous version ( I have in order to install Or is it just a matter of installing the new one with the old still installed?

If you’ve just been running the stable version this whole time, then you can feel free to either run the in-application updater, or download the new version from the website and run the installer.

The only people that need to worry about uinstalling first are those that have been beta testing, and in particular, those that have been using multiple installations (one for the beta and one for stable). In those much less common cases, you will want to do a full uinstall before upgrading.

Thanks Katherine. I do have the purchased version & was also using the beta because of its new features.

I’m thrilled that the new version is completed. Thanks to Lee and all the other programers for the great new features on the Windows version. It’s a massive accomplishment in a fairly short amount of time!

Ah ok, thanks. Wasn’t sure if it would just update or if you had to uninstall the old to avoid problems with the new. :slight_smile: