Scrivener 1st -> 7th cut off date:

Hello and congratulations on an excellent ‘beta’ product.

It’s really is the best out-liner I’ve found, for a long time, and I will be registering, and buying it : When it becomes available. BUT! … Your update timing sucks? - On the 1st? … The day NaNoWrite starts?

What’s the upgrade procedure? Will I have to install? Prior to installing the new version?
Now I know that all the files are kept in a directory called [xxx].scriv\Files\Docs
[xxx] represents my path to my files. So at a pinch I can pull out all my work if necessary, but I hope it won’t come to that.

I’ve just worked out how the programme works and the learning curve is quite severe! An install on the day the competition begins is a distraction? Can you release it two days before? Is it written in stone, that it has to be on the 1st?

I’m one of these people who won’t use the mouse. Keyboards shortcuts are the meat of life.

Problem One: Can you assign a ‘blank’ to a keyboard shortcut? - Some of the short-cuts are, In my humble opinion, dangerous and I’d never use them in a million years. I’ve stripped out all the crap from Microsoft Word, and its now safe to use! …But I don’t seem to be able to NULL some of the keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener? - Please advise.

Problem Two: Even though I try not to you the Cork-board. One niggle I’ve found is pressing ‘Enter’ on an established card creates a new card! - It also does it working on an outline. How can I turn this feature off - Please advise.

Many congratulations again on a great product.

Thanks for reading - Jessica.

Scrivener is supposed to be out for purchase on October 31st.

With all the other updates (I’ve used 3 betas) all you have to do is download the file from the website and install it like you would any other program. Some of the betas have requested you to uninstall before installing the new version, but that’s easy.

Whatever happens to Scrivener (whether or not you buy it, whether or not it expires) your work will be saved. It’s all in rtf files on your hard drive and you can open them in a word processor that supports rtf.

Try Tools: Options. It might have help with the corkboard there.

Good luck!

Also, there’s a special NaNo trial version available:

It’s operational from the moment you install it until December 7th, so if you’re concerned the installation of the final version will possibly go wrong and muck up your NaNoWriMo timing, just use that trial version.

I haven’t spotted any information on how the NaNo trial compares to 035 or the upcoming 1.0.

We don’t have a change list yet. There are fixed and updates; most obvious of which will be more normal drag and drop in the outliner and binder. It’s more like it used to be, but with better visual feedback on what is going on.