Scrivener 2.0: Making fullscreen stay

Hi all,

First of all congratulations to the developers for the new version! :slight_smile:
Sorry to add one more to the flood of messages but I have to solve that
if I want to work with 2.0

My problem is that fullscreen does not persist as i was happening in the previous version.
When I change to a different space (or even to a different app in the same space) and return it is not there! This make it impossible to work for me since I use external apps and windows open to which I am constantly switching back and forth. Is there a preference or another way to change that?



Oh yes… I can live with this personally as it’s only a Cmd-F away but I preferred the old sticky method

Yes but an Alt-Cmd-F away every 3 seconds adds up to quite a lot!

Anyone? I want to play with the amazing new features of 2.0 tooooooo.

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It is standard for full screen mode to close when you switch to a different program in most applications. There were problems with keeping it around, so this has changed. Apologies to those who don’t like the new behaviour - it may get altered again in the future, but certainly not for release or in the next couple of months.

oh :frowning:

Do you realistically think that this has a big possibility to be changed in the future or are the
problems it causes too much? It really breaks my workflow and I may have to stay with 1.5
dreaming of 2.0!

Hate to be whiny in the first day of the release though. From what I tried in 2.0 you
have done an amazing job so well done! :slight_smile:. Maybe I am exaggerating and I will find a
way to deal with this…



I agree. Having full screen stay in place when you shift to another program is a BIG plus, and it makes SCR 2.0 less appealing to me. I’ll stick with it but this will be a perennial complaint until such time as full screen persistence is returned.

Otherwise, SCR 2.0 looks pretty good.


Hi Keith!

I don’t know if this has really something to do with this problem, but I was confronted with a full screen problem using viJournal: when switching to another application with cmd-tab, the application didn’t switch at all but the screen did show viJournal in normal mode instead. After a few days, the developer did find a workaround.

Maybe it’ll also work for S2, who knows?

All the best!

I’m just starting to use 2.0, so haven’t yet checked if the change in full-screen behaviour will affect my workflow. But reading the comments above I began to wonder if OS X Lion will affect our expectations of full-screen behaviour? Maybe what Keith has done is in line with the new OS?

Anyway, I’m loving the parts of 2 I have tried so far. Excellent job! :smiley:

Just wanted to add my normally silent/happily lurking voice to this thread. I really appreciate the updates and changes in Scrivener 2.0 so far as my noodling around with it has revealed (I’ll hit the tutorial this weekend). The functions and thoughtfulness of the upgrades are tremendous and very appreciated. I am another who really hopes full screen persistence will return sooner rather than much later. I don’t want to be unreasonably whiney about something that I think is viewed largely as a preference as opposed to a functional must.

Aside from this, all else I’ve experienced with the preview so far has been lovely and shows S2.0 is clearly worth the money I’m spending to own it once the official release is unleashed.


I’ve been using 2.0 most of today and I do miss the persistence of full screen - I didn’t realise how much I used it until it was gone. Having said that, however, everything else is fantastic! I’m still finding my way around, but the menus are more clear, the “automatic” Edit Scrivenings is awesome, I love the improved outliner and… well, suffice to say my student wallet will open for the upgrade.

Great work Keith. Absolutely great! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words.

I’m aware of users’ opinions so I’d be grateful if we don’t clutter this thread with “+1” type posts, as things are hectic at the moment and I’ve already explained that this won’t be coming back for the release but I’ll look at it post release sometime.

Thanks again,

Just one more note… the other time this is irritating is when a calendar alarms goes off, simply canceling kicks you out of Full Screen mode.

This is a deal breaker for me. Terribly disappointed to find out. Like some one else already pointed out, it totally breaks my work flow.

gonzalofernandez, please check back a few posts above yours.