Scrivener 2.0 serials & the free upgrade window

It’s been really interesting watching the discussion over the 2.0 and Windows beta unfold these last two days. Thanks to all he L&L team for being so helpful!

My question concerns Scrivener 2.0 for Mac serials. I am in no rush… simply curious. I purchased Scrivener 1.0 on Sept 14th, 2010, which is within range for the free 1.x -> 2.0 upgrade window. I tried entering my serial into 2.0 and it didn’t recognize it.

So at this point is is pretty clear that those that qualify for the free upgrade will either need new serials, or there is a switch in 2.0 that has not yet been enabled to accept these serials.

I am just curious how/when this will be addressed.

If I am understanding correctly, the first final version of 2.0 is to be released on November 1st, which is mere days away. It would be nice to have proper serials in-hand on release day!


Everyone will need new serials for 2.0. When the store goes live next week, it will detect from your e-mail whether you bought within the specified period (in which case it will apply a 100% discount) or have purchased 1.x before that (in which case it gives a $20 discount). This will all go live next Monday.
Thanks for buying!
All the best,

Thanks! Seems like a clear solution to me.