Scrivener 2.0 Shout Out On MacBreak

Listening to MacBreak Weekly in the background, and Jason Snell of Macworld (US) just announced that he’s doing NaNoWriMo, and he’s using Scrivener 2.0 on his new Macbook Air.

Nice! Thanks, I’ll take a listen later.

Snell just did it again on this week’s episode (#274 at 1:35:25). Andy Ihnatko enthusiastically echoed the recommendation. Audio podcast is available on iTunes here. HD Video podcast is available on iTunes here. YouTube video of episode is available here: you can jump the timeline to the review if you don’t want to download the whole episode.

Snell notes, “[Scrivener] is one of the finds of the last ten years.” Ihnatko describes with broad brush-strokes how one would start to write a novel – and how Scrivener facilitates that note-taking, organizing, and research without imposing any structure of its own on the writer. Andy ends his commentary saying that he should create a list of the five greatest apps from the Mac App Store: “It would start out with (obviously) Scrivener … and then four more things.” It doesn’t get much better than that!

Nice! Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I’ll have a listen later and thank them both; that’s brilliant.

All the best,

I’ve been using Scrivener 2.x on an 11" Macbook Air for a few weeks now, and I have to say that the hardware and the software amount to the absolute dog’s doodahs of writing technology.