Scrivener 2.0 "unfinished" Manual

When I went to the Scrivener 2.0 manual to read up on some questions I had, I noticed there are big blank sections marked “Material not finished.” Any thoughts on when the manual will be finished?

It’s being worked on! The person (me) doing the manual is the same person keeping hundreds of people happy with upgrades, technical problems, billing problems, and bug resolutions. It’s… all happening at the same time. :slight_smile:

So the job is in capable hands!

When you’re done with the manual, how will I know it’s ready? When you choose the Scrivener Manual command from the Help menu, it pulls the manual from within the Scrivener package, right? So will you just announce a Scrivener 2.1 update that includes the complete manual?

It will be available from the site for download - we’ll be keeping the one on our support page more up to date, fixing typos, adding to it based on user feedback and so on - but yes, it will also go into a free update which you’ll get notified about.

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One of two ways: there will probably always be an updated copy of the manual in every Scrivener point release (even minor point releases), and consequently on the website as well, especially right now when things are changing rapidly. In addition, once the tech support tide is a bit less overwhelming, I’ll be trying to put up more frequent updates on the website and if the update is in any way significant (i.e. not just typo fixes), will ping the forums.

Since Scrivener has both Kindle export (for Amazon) and Word export (for Smashwords), you might think about releasing the completed version for Kindles and Kindle apps (via Amazon) and to all the other major ebook retailers (via Smashwords).

Releasing through Amazon would be particularly helpful because I think (don’t quote me) that any revisions you make would be automatically downloaded (at least to Kindles). That’d simplify the updating for users. For a few dollars, they’d always have the latest version. And for all the effort you’ve put into this, you deserve those royalties.

Also, if an ebook version does well, you might be able to interest one of the major technical publishers in releasing a printed version. They have the connections to give a book much more exposure and each exposure the book gets would also be a potential sell for Scrivener.

Think “The Complete Idiots Guide to Scrivener” or “Scrivener for Dummies” or “The Scrivener Bible.” Take it from one who knows, it’s better to leave the marketing to those who know marketing.

that’s a pretty good idea