Scrivener 2.1 Compile Problems

I’m seeing strange problems when I do simple compiles of a small test book (all text, 500 words, 15 docs, 2 folders).

The resulting PDF file (Print/Preview) has:

– overlapping text (i.e. words/pixels on top of each other)
– documents and text entirely missing (i.e. prints docs 1-4, misses docs 5-6, prints 7, misses 8-9 etc.)
– repeated text (i.e. the footnote doc boilerplate text prints twice. On both last pages of the PDF!)

I’ve tried about 10 test compiles with mostly simple selections and most times got the errors above.

Is this a bug in the compile feature?

P.S. (The Scrivener file was imported as OPML which originated in Omnioutliner).

P.P.S. When I compiled using the PDF option (not Print) Scrivener 2.1 crashed immediately. Did it 5x.
I’m on a Macbook running Leopard.