Scrivener 2.2 won't launch in Mac OSX 10.6.8.

I just downloaded Scrivener 2.2 from the Mac app store, and now the program won’t launch in 10.6.8.
The icon bounces in the dock, but it never opens. Has anyone else had this problem?


Did you just buy from the Mac App Store, or were you updating from 2.1 (if so, did you buy from the Mac App Store originally)?

Try moving Scrivener to the Trash and then re-downloading (by going to the “Purchased” button in the toolbar and then clicking on “INSTALL” next to Scrivener in the list of purchased apps).

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Thanks, Keith.
Yes, my original purchase was from the Mac app store.
I did as you suggested… moved Scrivener to the trash and reinstalled.
Everything is working fine now.

Phew, glad that helped!
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