Scrivener 2.3.1 app tool bar lacks green button

Today I downloaded subject. Going through getting started tutorial on making document templates:
…try clicking and holding down the green “Add” button in the toolbar - hold it down until a menu appears (but don’t choose anything - we’re not going to add anything, we just want to take a look). You’ll see there are three items in there: “New Text”, “New Folder” and “Import Web Page”
My problem is that the toolbar on my action menu has no “Add” green button icon
I don’t seem to have the command “Set Selection as Templates Folder” under Projects in the main menu.
Do I need to download a fresh app? Or, what am I missing? :neutral_face:


If you right-click (or control-click) in the toolbar of almost any application you will get an option to customise the toolbar (which means that you can add or take away buttons and icons).


Thank You Martin, that was a quick and easy fix. 8) I really would like to harness this app and I like the written tutorial. Time will tell if I have the time to get through it all.

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Also note that “Set Selection as Templates Folder” is only available if there isn’t already a templates folder set - if there is, this command will change to “Clear Templates Folder”. There’s no template folder set in the tutorial project, so it should appear there; there is a template folder set in many of the project templates, though, such as the novel project template.

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I also had the problem with a missing ADD button after the last update. Cmnd click didn’t help, but I went to VIEW then CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR and dragged it back. (I’m on OS X 10.6.8 and Scrivener 2.5)