Scrivener 2.3.1 issue - name generator

I downloaded Scrivener yesterday for the 30 day trial, and updated it today to 2.3.1. Prior to the update, the name generator was working flawlessly. After the update the name generator just gives me an error message stating that no surname lists are selected. I’ve selected as few as 1 and as many as 5 surname lists, but I still get the same error message. Can someone tell me if I’m doing something incorrectly or if there’s a problem with Scrivener. I don’t have enough experience with Scrivener to determine if this is pilot error or a bug. I’m running Scrivener on a Mac Pro with OSX 10.6.8.


Nothing has changed with the name generator since 2.3, and I just tested on both 10.8 and on 10.6.8 and it worked fine on both. Could you please post a screenshot of the name generator settings?

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Thanks for the reply. I found the problem and as I suspected, it was my mistake. I did select multiple lists but failed to select one with the yellow S next to it. All I had to do to discover this was to read the Name Generator section in the user manual. After years of telling others to read the manual I failed to do that exact thing myself. So sorry for the fire drill, but thanks for the prompt reply.

Glad you got it sorted!

I used the Name Generator today and I’m having a different sort of problem (Mountain Lion, Scriv 2.3.1). I have several databases selected to generate names from, including “US Asian Surnames” and “US Latino Surnames.”

Several of the names generated have the last names of “US Asian” and “US Latino.”


“US Asian” and “US Latino” must have been included in the databases you imported into Scrivener. Delete those lists, edit them externally, and reimport them.
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