Scrivener 2.3 crashing on Save as PDF in Mountain Lion

Scrivener 2.3 is crashing on Save as PDF in Mountain Lion. I often use the ‘save as PDF’ option to save a copy for people to see things like italicisation, and also send a plain text version. But since installing Mountain Lion (or maybe since upgrading to Scrivener 2.3, not sure which), this is causing a crash every time I try it.

Have you tried updating to 2.3.1? This should definitely be working.
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Installed the update. Still crashing.

Another user has reported something similar, but given that compiling to PDF is working for me in all tests, the bug must be triggered by something specific in your project. Could you please zip up your project and send it to us for testing at AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I’m off on holiday on Wednesday but would like to look at this before I go.

It’s doing this on all projects. Would you like me to zip one of them and send it to you? (I’ve sent in the reports a couple of times when it happened.

Hmm, if it’s happening on all then I’ll start by looking at your crash report. Currently I have no way of identifying your crash report from the others I receive, though, because I only know you by the name “Maelduin” so have nothing to search for. Could you please make it crash again and then submit the crash report that Scrivener asks you to send when it reopens, but this time add “Maelduin” somewhere in the message. Then I can search for your user name and locate your crash log. Or, just copy and paste the crash log into your reply.


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Sent, Keith, thanks.

Thanks. Okay, having looked at your report, the bad news is that this seems to be a problem with your HP printer drivers. On OS X, saving to PDF is all done via printing, by printing to the PDF file in the background, basically, I believe. So it always invokes your current printer drivers.

Your crash indicates a bug going on deep within the OS X PDF creation code, with lots of references to “com.hp.print.psdriver.HPPrintSettings” (the internal identifier for the HP drivers).

Having done a little research (i.e. Google :slight_smile: ), it seems that a number of HP users are experiencing a crash identical to yours after updating the HP drivers for Mountain Lion. This crash log, for instance, is almost identical to yours: … 8?tstart=0

As is this one: … 0&tstart=0

A fix is suggested here: … 20273.html

In that thread, someone says to move the following file to the Trash:


To find that, click on the “Go” menu in the Finder and select “Computer”. Then drill down into your main hard drive, then the “Library” folder, then “hp” inside that, then “PDEs” inside that. There you should find the “hpPostScriptPDE.plugin” file - move that to the Trash. Everyone in the MacRumors thread linked to above seems to suggest that doing this fixed the issue for them.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks very much, Keith, that worked.

Incidentally, the Library wasn’t the one on the Go folder, but the one in the root folder (HD, or whatever quirky name one has given it).

Great, glad it worked!

That’s why I said to pick “Computer” from the “Go” folder and drill down from there. The “Library” folder that appears in the “Go” menu (when you hold down Option) is the user Library folder (usually written “~/Library”), whereas the root one (/Library) affects all users (and thus you generally have to be especially careful with it).

Anyway, glad you’re back up and running!

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