Scrivener 2.4

Just curious what happened to the 2.4 update we were told in the holiday newsletter that was coming in Janurary? :question:

It’s coming in February. :slight_smile: There were a few delays, but it’s nearly ready. You can always download the beta from the Beta Testing forum in the meantime.

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I don’t think he said which January, did he? Never trust the deadlines set by a programmer. :unamused:

They’re not deadlines, they’re targets.

I am a little puzzled by this comment. The downloadable version in the Beta Testing forum seems 2.3.5 to me, not 2.4. Am I missing something here?

Betas are numbered one increment below what they will be, because of how the update detection system works. If you use a 2.4 prefix then 2.4.0 would be considered a downgrade by any beta users and they would never be alerted to the fact of a stable release.

All of which is explained in that very thread - if you read the beta post, it tells you to read my first reply to the post before proceeding, which explains how the beta mumbering works…

you are both SO right. i actually knew about it. totally forgot it. that beta has been out for a while, i think i have had it on my machine for quite some time. i suggest the OP to download it, no need to wait for the official release of 2.4