Scrivener 2.6 corruption crash

Hi there

I’m having a problem with Scrivener 2.6 seemingly corrupting a project. I routinely back up the project, but even so I am still losing data as alarmingly this bug on occasion is carried over into the backups saved by scrivener. Yesterday I lost 500 words. Three days before I lost 2000.

How the problem manifests itself is as follows: I double click on Scrivener and it says it is loading the project and then nothing happens. I eventually I have no option but to Force Close. The error report below is produced.

Once the crash occurs that’s it, I can never open the project and it’s lost. I then delete the project and replace it with a version I’ve backed up (a zip file produced from Scrivener’s backup options, or one I’ve saved into dropbox). Though sometimes that itself is corrupted and I have to go to an older backup. One the “new” version of the project is restored, it will work fine for a few days and then the whole process will start over.

I am happy to upload a copy of the error report if that will help.

Kind regards

A very frustrated theJBP

Oh shd have mentioned I’m using an iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011), Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, Operating system: OS X Yosemite Version:10.10.1 (14B25).

This sounds like Dropbox-related synchronisation errors to me. You can read more about the topic in this knowledge base article. In particular, it sounds like you need to go into the project at the disk level and do some cleaning. The “Fixing Problems” section in that article should help with that.