scrivener 2.6 hanging on compile

apologies and thanks in advance for patience with the n00b question, but i just upgraded my mac running 10.9.4 to scrivener 2.6, and my document now hangs on compile.

it had worked fine as recently as a couple weeks back. the document has changed relatively modestly since then, with the biggest change i can think of being 2.6.

i’ve shut down and restarted, trying exporting whole/part of the manuscript, tried to export to docx, doc, rtf, etc. the only compile that has worked is the print function, which – unsurprisingly – isn’t what i need. i’d been doing it on custom settings, but original, non-fiction and other out of the box versions are no different.

it’s a ~120k words, a few images, but nothing significant, and there’ve only been modest edits since the last compile.

typically, it’s time sensitive, a dissertation and all that, and any insights y’all can lend would be much appreciated.


If you’re on a tight deadline, the easiest thing for now would probably just be to install 2.5 again. We make the prior build available on our page for situations like this. Just download the Intel version and drag it over the current 2.6 copy in Applications, overwriting it (make sure it is closed before you do that).

As to the problem, what compile format are you using? If you are using one of the Word or OpenOffice formats, try using RTF instead, does it still crash?

thanks, much.

i tried many of the compile formats and experimented with another (very short) project as well, to no avail.

i actually reinstalled 2.6 and that seems to work fine. unfortunately, when i did that, i lost all the custom settings i’d painstakingly figured out…so now the compiled docx isn’t (visually) comparable to previous versions. is there anyway to extract those from the previous version (which is still installed) or, more likely, am i better served to just figure them out again?



Hmm, that must have happened from something else, other than the update or reinstall. The settings you speak of are stored in the project itself. Your compile settings are as much a part of the project as the text and everything else in it. More likely you might have selected something from the “Format As” menu on accident. Those are presets, and so they will change all of the settings to the preset. Note at the bottom of that menu there is a management feature? You can use that to save your settings to a preset, even just specific to that project (so it doesn’t clutter up the menu in other projects). I “back up” my compile settings every once in a while, this way, just as a precaution.

That aside, glad to hear things are working better now with the new version.


i just poked around a bunch, turned things off and on, and read through a not insignificant amount of the very significant scrivener manual…and i feel like it’s going to work out. plus, i learned a whole bunch of other things. i’m mostly loving it, but the range of features and complexity of learning how they all work will definitely take some experimentation and practice.