Scrivener and Mojave

Hi everyone!

I’m using Scrivener and I just updated my Mac to 10.14.4 (forced to, as my OS was too old to sync to Dropbox any longer…). I know that Scrivener 2 isn’t really tested for Mojave, but are there any known problems with the “basic” usage - text only (no web page imports or, well, imports of any kind) and syncing to Dropbox to sometimes work on iOS and sometimes (rarely) on Windows?

I plan on updating to Scrivener 3 in June when my current project must be finished, but right now I’m just super stressed about getting the actual writing done.

Thanks for input!

If you don’t import research files, particularly those that Scrivener itself cannot display, then you’ll be dodging the main point of risk. The worst known bug is that some types of files, like MS Office stuff, can cause the project window to stop working, necessitating a UI reset. Fairly benign, all things considered, but still annoying enough to make me think twice about using v2 on 10.14.

Hmmmmm… Ok, so maybe I should consider taking time to upgrade now. Hm. On a side note - do we know when v3 is coming for Windows? It seems a bit messy to work with v3 on Mac and v2 on Windows.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:


Well again, if you don’t use any imported research, you should be fine.

That said, personally I’d consider a June deadline to be far enough away to risk trying the update. I mean for one thing that will probably fall within the 30-day demo at this point, meaning you don’t even have to commit until you’re sure of things. And with the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 2 Project… command, the risk is very low.

You should find the writing interface itself to be largely the same and familiar to what you are accustomed to. Compile is where a lot has changed, but if you haven’t done too much with that to date, it would actually be better to start in on learning v3 since you’ll end up having to throw out a lot of what you learned to get the v2 project out.

It depends on how you prefer to work I guess. I prefer a “save and share” approach to multi-device usage, so for me that would involve using the aforementioned export command instead of ▸ File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To…, when it came time to switch machines. Hardly much of a difference, all things considered.

I was just forced to upgrade to Mojave 10.14.4 migrating my old laptop’s image over to my new MAC. I had been using Scrivener on a version of 10.11 El Capitan.

I have been reading posts about the compatibility of Scrivener 2 with Mojave and given that I don’t do any importing on the research side nor do I do any heavy duty compiling, I feel “ok” continuing to use 2.8 on Mojave, for now.

Does this sound right? As long as there is no risk of catastrophic file ‘implosion’ or quirky data loss I would be comfortable, for now, using this approach to minimize the balls in the air.

Can someone from Scrivener or a maven user validate this without being held liable? :slight_smile:

Many Thanks - Tom in Seattle.

Basically it’s like buying something “as-is” in a store. We don’t officially support the configuration, so if you run into a bug then you’ll have to find a way to live with it—and since it is untested and unsupported, that’s where the “as-is” part comes in. I really cannot assure you that things will be okay. Odds are they will be, because we don’t regularly see reports and I’m sure there are others out there doing it, but it’s a risk when running old software on a version of macOS that is newer than it.

Alternatively, are you really forced into it? Apple doesn’t want you to know about this, but old versions are still available.