Scrivener Beta overwrites

First of all, congratulations on the release of S3 (MacOS) and my gratitude for making the Beta (Win) available to the public.

From what I understood from the Blog post or a related comment, the Beta would be installed alongside the current stable version Although, after installing the Beta version, I became aware that the stable version isn’t anymore/anywhere accessible.
I guess this behaviour is an unintended one.

Is it possible to have both versions coexisting? Maybe by selecting a different installation folder?
I expected this to be done by default.

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It is possible to have both installed side by side, but you will need to choose a different installation location, as both will default to a folder in either Program Files or your use Documents entitled “Scrivener”. To clean this up, uninstall the beta, then manually remove whatever remains of the “Scrivener” installation folder (likely there will be leftover files, as the uninstaller will not remove anything it didn’t add, so old 1.x files will be there. Once you’ve done that, you can re-install 1.9.7, then reinstall the 3.0 beta, giving the folders distinct names, e.g. Scrivener197 and Scrivener3.

I thank you very much for the fast, precise and friendly reply.
Many thanks for all the effort in turning a great experience even better!
All the best and respectful regards,

Unfortunately, I can confirm that even installing in a different location hosed my 1.9.7 installation… I specifically called the new folder in my ProgamFiles(x86) folder “ScrivenerBeta” to differentiate with the normal “Scrivener” folder, yet 1.9.7 is no longer installed…

On my WIn10 x64 system right now, where Scrivener 1.9.7 is installed in the default folder and Scrivener 2.9 is installed in Scrivener3, I only show Scrivener 2.9 under Programs and Features. However, if I click on the old Scrivener icon, it still launches. As far as I can tell it is still installed.

Ah, yes, you’re right! That’s strange behavior. On my end, it deleted or maybe “updated” the links on my desktop and start menu to only show, which is what led to my confusion. However, if I go to the original folder (or click-to-open a .scriv file made from 1.9.7) the old version is still there!

Cool, now I can create new links. And I can also test to my heart’s content, and still use the “old” version to get work done (though the non-HD bug of 1.9.7 looks even more pronounced than ever, by comparison… oh well).

I have both icons pinned to my Taskbar, so whatever happened during the installation process did not wipe out the pinned icon. Easy fix.

I had the old one “pinned to start menu” (Windows 10) and that, the regular start menu icon and the Desktop icon were all just gone. Thus it led me to believe it had been somehow uninstalled. But yes, creating new icons is an easy fix.

I find that pinning programs to the Taskbar survives most installer/uninstall processes or other actions that mess with the Start menu icons. I also have a 34" 3440x1440 monitor, so my taskbars tend to be full. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Scrivener v2.9.0.1 overwrites the v1.9.7.0 Start Menu links and icons, even if installed to a different location. As you have found out, the old version is there and you can still use it adding a shortcut to the old executable. We will have this in mind and try to find a better solution for the following versions. We would like to avoid creating a “Scrivener v3” Start Menu group, as you might have never installed v1.9.7.0 . We will think about a solution here. Thanks for reporting this!

Shouldn’t the new 64-bit application install to “C:\Program Files” rather than to “C:\Program Files (x86)” where Scrivener (32-bit) used to be installed? My understanding was that 64-bit apps normally go to the former.

It’s still 32-bit. :slight_smile: I was thrown by that, too, since I was originally using a 64-bit WINEPREFIX.

Yep, another vote to confirm that this is the case. My 1.9.7 was right there. Thanks for the heads up.