Scrivener Beta: Search Crashes Scrivener

Using Search leads to a crash without any warning. Scrivener shuts down without saving or making a backup.
Windows: 10 Pro 1809
Scrivener: Beta: 20

I just tested this on my Beta 20 installation - not seeing any crashes. How many files do you have in your project?

I have never counted them but there are many with footnotes, pictures, etc. It is my dissertation. I have had never had this problem with the “old” version

Does this happen if you create a new, small project with very few files?

No. I have some smaller projects and they work well. Ihave even tried to create a new projet and import the files from the old one. Still the same result. The search leads to a crash.

So it appears to be related to either the size of the project or some of the specific contents. That would be hard for me to reproduce since my largest projects does not exhibit the same issue. How much RAM do you have on your machine?

I’m sorry if I sound know-it-all but I had the “old” Scrivener version running on several PCs and even un USB with less power and the project has alwasy been a big one and it worked without any problems.

Does this crash on all PC’s you tried it on? Or just this one?

Good question :slight_smile:
I will try it on another one and let you know.

You may also want to try “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” under the “File” menu and see if that helps.

Thanks for the advise. I tried that already but it didn’t help.

Yes, search leads to crash on my second PC, too. The only difference I see to my other projects is, that it is bigger.

I tried this on my 11 GB (test) project. It’s not a very complex project (as in, not very many notes, footnotes, etc), but it is huge, and search doesn’t seem to crash it.

One thing to try: Create a new project, and drag and drop everything from the crashing-on-search project into it. Rearrange, and see if search works better in the new project. Sometimes this helps with strangeness like you’re experiencing.

What kind of search are you doing to cause this? Quick search, Find, Project Search? What’s selected in the Binder when you start the search?

Thanks. I tried the drag and drop. I created a new project and imported the files from the old one. Using the Search field left in the upper section always causes a crash. The Search/Replace works fine.
I will be offline for the ext days due to holidays… As soon as I am back I am willing to try soemthing new.

I suppose the logical thing to do is to determine if it is the size of the project that’s causing the problem or a particular file. I would create a new project and start copying segments of the old project over and see at which point it starts crashing. From there, I might try to work out if it is a particular file or just a threshold size. 11GB is pretty big.

I had this problem for a long time with one of my projects. It was only this one project that Scrivener would close out without a prompt or crash report. It turned out to be the Scrivener_Placeholders PDF that was causing it. If you have that PDF, delete it, and if not, it may as well be a document/PDF that is causing it to crash.

It bogs Scrivener pretty good. I don’t recommend anyone make one that big (I made it to test Zip functionality in Scrivener for output files >4GB). Scrivener still runs, but it’s slow. Search didn’t crash, however.

Sorry for my long silence, I was on holiday.
As mentioned before. I created a new project and imported the old bit by bit. Then I tested the search and everything was fine. Then I was working on the project and suddenly the search didn’t work any longer. I assume it has something to do with the automatic saving in the background – but that’s only a guess.

Upon introducing the search in Copyholder functionality, we introduced issues which for example will not allow you to search in PDFs. This has been fixed. Please, try the search again in the next Beta 22, or you may also try File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.

I am now with Version 21 but of course I will also try 22. Rebuilding the search index has never helped in any version. And there is not a single pdf file in the whole project.