Scrivener Beta (757109) 64-bit 28 nov Crashes after Find by formatting

Scrivener Beta (757109) 64-bit 28 nov Crashes after Find by formatting

Twice the Find by formatting feature, looking for red colored text and the NoStyle style, the Scrivener windows simply disappeared. No specific action that lead to the crash, but at least an indication that something in that region is not 100%.

I had the entire manuscript from the root folder (Scenes in my case) as Scrivenings in the main editor. Comments and Footnotes tab in the Inspector was visible. No other special settings or open windows…

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Sorry, but Scrivener Beta from 28 Nov is pretty outdated. How do you still run this version, or is this a typo?

I also could not reproduce this in the latest Beta 39.

This post is a copy of a post I posted in the Bug Hunt forum, because I got an answer saying that I posted in the wrong forum.
I run the very latest beta of Scrivener 3 for Windows.
I tried to reproduce this error in my version of Scrivener, but I can’t so you can close this issue.

What’s strange is that the initial colors in the search Colored text in All documents option seem percentages of the default colors when coloring text in the editor. Only after I copied the HEX value of the default red, other colors also showed up in their default values.

Antoni Dol