Scrivener 2.9.01 fails to run

I have had no success in trying to install the beta on linux using crossover 17. I installed 2.9 in a windows 7 bottle. I also installed .net 4.61 and speech sdk and speech platform runtime. The only errors I received were that I was missing a 32bit library and a libpng warning about an incorrect rgb profile (see attached).

When I start Scrivener I get the message about the beta expiry and then a rectangular box (attached). I can move the box but that is all I can do. The program is unresponsive and to close it I have to terminate wine.

I should add I had the same result when I attempted to run 2.9.01 on a Windows 10 install as a guest OS on VirtualBox on a different machine.
Scrivener running.png

I have it working fine with WINE. (wine-staging.) What version of WINE corresponds with crossover 17? That sounds like something’s missing in a linux system library, though.

Thanks for the reply. Are you running WINE on a 32bit or 64bit machine? Distro? What additional software, if any, did you install?


I’m using a shared WoW64 installation of WINE 2.17 staging. I haven’t upgraded in a bit out of laziness, to be honest. I’m on a 64-bit distro with multilib support. (Slackware 14.2.) Scrivener is currently installed to a 64-bit WINEPREFIX, but Scrivener is still a 32-bit program. It’s on whatever the default WINE is set to these days–I think it’s Windows 7.

I don’t have anything else installed to that WINEPREFIX aside from speechsdk via winetricks.

Reason I asked about what version of WINE crossover is using (or what it corresponds to) is that I’m using an outdated build, so it could very well be a regression issue. Scrivener is also affected by this bug, I believe, which is fixed by installing speechsdk:

There’s this bug, as well, which is for a different program, but also affects sapi.dll and may affect Scrivener:

Seeing as though you were having the same problem in a VM, it might be something missing on your computer (libtff?)