Scrivener 2.9 (WINE-related)

Ok, thank you!
The fact is I can’t install Wine 3.0, I don’t know why… I have to wait it will be available throuh AppCenter (Ubuntu) to install it automatically…

So frusted :slight_smile:

Anyway, it could be so helpful is you could post here a step-by-step install of Scrivener through Wine 3 :slight_smile:
Thank you so much !

Download the installer. If you’re using the 64-bit one, be sure to have a 64-bit WINEPREFIX. If I were in my home directory, the path would be /home/garpu/.winescriv, but it doesn’t need to be “winescriv.” In the same directory as where the installer is, on command line do: “WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=/your/home/.winescriv wine64 Scrivener-installer.exe” If you’re using the 32-bit one, be sure to do “WINEARCH=win32 …” instead. The installer should run, and you can click through default options.

winetricks can install some nifty optional things like windows-related fonts. You used to need speechsdk to get it to run, but I don’t think it’s needed anymore. (text-to-speech doesn’t work in 64-bit, but I haven’t tried 32-bit.)

One thing I’d recommend is backing up your preference file, once you’re using Scrivener and have things set up the way you’d like. (File-Options-Manage button on the lower left, then “Save Preferences.”) Between betas they want you to do a clean install of Scrivener, which wipes out your preferences.

Here I am again… with a great news! It works like a charm under Wine 3.0
Now, I’d like to know if we’d change the layout… to get something less Windows-way ? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much again!

Yay! Wine 3.0 is a big improvement. If you’re at all interested in gaming, check out the wine-staging branch, once it’s back up and running with the 3.0 tree.

I haven’t had much luck with themes and WINE. If you find something interesting, by all means share. :slight_smile:

FYI, Scrivener isn’t exiting cleanly for me. Once you finish, kill -9 the Scrivener PID after exiting, and it should clean up.

Scrivener 2.903 64-bit crashes virtually immediately under CrossOver 17 in a Windows 7 64-bit bottle. Here’s the backtrace, but it means nothing to me; perhaps one of you know what should be done with it.

20180131 backtrace.txt (29.7 KB)


Doesn’t immediately suggest anything wrong to me. Try installing it to a clean WINEPREFIX?

My problem is, Garpu, that I haven’t the foggiest idea about WINE—which is why I use CrossOver as that gives me a GUI hiding all the trickery—and have no idea about “wineprefixes”. I sent the bumff to CodeWeavers who are taking an interest. Initially, they suggest trying a 32-bit bottle, so I’ll have to download the 32-bit .exe.

I’ll keep you all posted.



Weirder and weirder. I installed the 32-bit version in a 32-bit bottle and it ran. So I’ve just tried the 64-bit version again and it ran too. So I’ll tell CodeWeavers and keep an eye on it.

There seems to be a regression compared with, in that Inspector Footnotes don’t display. That is, existing footnote text shows up as a tooltip when the marker is hovered over, but trying to create a new one gives a “No text to display” tooltip. In neither case does anything appear in the inspector. My text is in Chinese, by the way, but that shouldn’t make a difference; my interface is English.



I’d bug report the footnote thing. It sounds like a Scrivener issue, not a WINE one. I"m having issues with Scrivener not exiting cleanly.

Yes, I’ve mentioned the footnote thing in the thread I started on a specific problem with using the footnote marker and Chinese.

And yes, Scrivener doesn’t exit cleanly for me , I have to exit CrossOver to do it fully. Not that is really a problem for me.



Hrmmm…this sounds like a Scrivener bug. I’m wondering if it just isn’t an issue for those of us not on Linux or OSX? Have to wonder if this might be the cause of the random hangs that people have mentioned. (If it’s lazy unloading from memory, that could be an issue in larger projects.)

Started a thread here: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=50652 It’s the only WINE program I have that issue with.

Hello All,

Any idea to change the layout/skin of Scrivener 2.9 run under Wine?

It is hard to write with the so old-fashioned Windows 3 skin :slight_smile:

Thank you!
My very best,

Hello Gang,

I’ve installed 2908 under CrossOver 17.1—my year finished just before they launched v. 17.5 and they’ve pushed their prices up so much … GBP48, up from GBP35 … so I’m not sure I can justify that expense for the minimal use I make of it—and only had the 17.1 installer.

Anyway, first off ClamXAV anti-virus quarantined one of the main .dll files as having a trojan, so I posted in another thread but it got buried. So I cleared it all out, and thought “That’s it, then.” Just now, ClamXAV gave me an update, including the scanning engine, and I thought I’d try again. This time, installed without problem.

So, two bits of good news:

(1) it now exits cleanly.
(2) footnote markers now work, and more importantly without the problem that we have to get round in Chinese on the Mac.

I think I might see if Shirley in China is willing to give it a try as it’d be great if we can both be on version 3.


Thanks for sharing with us !! I’ll be testing it out at some point on Nova launcher Prime.

Just install whatever theme you like under the same Wine setup you’ve installed Scrivener in. I installed the Zune theme, and it looks very nice.

You can also use stylesheets. … 57&t=53766 I haven’t found one I really like, but to be fair, I haven’t had time to really poke at it, either.

Thank you but how to install themes? I’m completely lost…
Here is what I get with the latest Beta under Wine / Ubuntu 18.10

How can I change this ?

All my best!

FYI, the new beta has a dark mode that is freaking awesome. It’s solved all the UI issues I was having with WINE’s default theme conflicting with Scrivener.